Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What I am Lovin' Wednesday!

Birchbox is on my list of loves this week - I have been a subscriber for almost a year now and the best part is the point system.  You earn points to spend in their store by reviewing your sample products every month, making purchases, and now, sharing on social media sites.  

I had saved up enough points for $20 in their store and they released a new limited edition box - Fresh Start.  The box is $42 and full of fun products.  I used a sale code, MOBILE20, and got 20% off; so with all the discounts, I got the box for $13.60.  You also can add a Mystery bag if you spend over $35 to get two samples with your order, even if you do not end up spending that much!  LOVE BIRCHBOX!

I having been a Pinterest addict for awhile and I found a great little article about MAC makeup.  It was written by an ex-sales person and she gave her recommended list of what to buy at a MAC counter~!  I have my Valentines wish list all ready!

  • Tempting Eye Shadow - she suggested this one because it works for everyone and can mixed with any other color.
  • Nymphette Lipglass - she also recommended this great lip gloss for light skinned people that looks great on.

  • Springsheen Powder Blush - this was the blush she suggested above all the others - I am really excited to try this one out.  I bought Prism last time I was in the MAC store.

  • Blot Powder (Pressed) - she also recommended their blot powder - that was designed for models behind the scenes to keep the oily look away.  I really want to try this. 

  • Prep + Prime Lip  -  she recommended this lip liner to prep your lips.  It helps to keep your lipstick on longer. 

  • Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly - this is the last recommendation I am really excited about trying.  It flatters light skinned people and is used as a pre-eye shadow to keep your shadow staying put and pretty!

The grand total for all of these is $116 plus tax which I think is pretty good - about $20 a piece.  Also, be sure to save up your MAC tubs and return to the store to receive a free piece of MAC makeup.  

Influenster is an online product website that sends you items to review free.  This month I received Reese's Spreads in peanut butter chocolate.  My daughter and I loved this!  I made a sandwich with it, added it to bananas, and dipped pretzels in it.  It was fantastic and we liked it more than Nutella!

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