Monday, June 29, 2015

Little Lace Box june 2015

What's in
the box?

My Little Lace Box made it just in time for the end of the month.  This subscription is $59.99 bi-monthly.  I was lucky to get in on the ground floor, so I only pay $39.99.  You do save money by purchasing a larger subscription. Also, Serendipity, a smaller grab bag of goodies, is being sent on the LLB off months for free while they work out all the glitches.

This month's theme was "A girl should be two things - Classy and Fabulous "- Coco Chanel. The letters that they send with their boxes are personable and show that they really curate these boxes with love!  This month's box was inspired by old movies of Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day.

Watercolor silk scarf -  ($45.99)  This is an LLB exclusive and it is beautiful.  I am not a big scarf wearer but I like to to tie them on purses and bags.

Kitsch ring - ($35)  There were two rings given out - both gold rings but one with Amethyst and one with Turquoise.  I got the Turquoise stone.  I love this pretty ring.

LucyB's Apothecary - Nail Lacquer -  ($12.99)  There were two shades of nail polish given out - starlet and premier.  They determined which one you would get by which ring you received.   The Premier one was in my box.

Pour Some Sugar on Me (Lollabambooza) -   ($19.99) There were four scents sent out to box subscribers - You Leave Me Peaches, Coconut Mango Mimosa, and Oatmeal Milk & Honey were the other three. I did not get a scent I like very much.  I would have liked the Peaches or Coconut Mango.  I tried to find these in their shop but no luck.

The Packable Summer Hat by San Diego Hat Company -  ($27.99)  There were three hats sent out in the boxes. I love the one I received.  It is fun and will be nice to throw in a bag to take to the pool or beach for sun protection. 

This was a lovely box - I will use almost everything in it and what I do not will be a great gift.  This is exactly the level of curation I have come to expect from Little Lace Box - they did not disappoint me!  I paid $40 and got a box with about $140 worth of merchandise.  I am eagerly awaiting August's box as the theme is Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy -  characters from one of my favorite Jane Austen books.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Loot Crate June 2015

What's in
the box?

I subscribe to Loot Crate for my daughter and this is her favorite box.  It is about $20 a month and contains a variety of items.  The theme for this month was Cyber.   Loot Crate started decorating the inside of their boxes several months ago - and this is the freakiest one ever! 

 In every box, there is a little magazine about all the goodies in the box.  Loot Crate does a great job of this.  They have articles in them too!  This one has an article interviewing Zachary Levi - a favorite actor of mine from Chuck.  He is also Flynn Ryder from Tangled, one of my faves!

Battlestar Galactica Cyclone Target Poster by Quantum Mechanix -   Target practice posters - we may not be using these with a real gun but I bet my son will love shooting his air soft guns at these.

Exclusive Nerd HQ 2015 stickers - How cool are these stickers???  I bet a few will be added to my daughter's laptop. I will try to snag the NERD one that is on here - and I found the cutest one like it of Zachary Levi!  Nerd HQ was created by Zachary too.

Future Replicant Corporate Logo Patch and the Loot Crate Button - 

Terminator Brain Chip -   This is a very heavy keychain - and it is really cool looking.  This brain chip belongs to a T-1000 cyborg. 

Glow in the Dark Pouch Bag -   Anyone who knows me, knows I love bags.  I do not know if I can get this away from my daughter but I will try. 

Terminator Genisys Endo Skull Replica by Chronicle Collectibles -  This skull really creeped me out - and it is only half the size of the normal one.


Prime T-shirt -  I am really happy Loot Crate has put so many t-shirts in their boxes lately.
My daughter loves getting these t-shirts.  This is Prime from Transformers in the Tron pose.

Borderland Zero Game Mat by Loot Crate labs -   I had to take a photo of this between gaming sessions - my kids love this and are using it as a mouse pad.  

Another fantastic Loot Crate month! These boxes just keep getting better and better.  My daughter does not want to give this up to try out any other boxes and I think she is right.  This is one of the best nerd boxes out there.  She loves everything in this box and I am hoping to acquire at least one item.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Happening? Wednesday!

So I have taken up a new craft/hobby - pocket letters!  This is a variation on pen pals - but you are sending goodies as well as getting to know your pal.  You make them out of a baseball card sleeve with the nine pockets.  I mailed out my first one yesterday to a cousin.  I have decided to just start with two people at first and will build up.  For more ideas, check out Pinterest.

A lot of the goodies I have found so far are from Target's $1 Spot.  Great place for cheap desk items and paper products.  I found some really cute mason jar tags there a few weeks ago.

Another great thing about this hobby is that I have so many scrapbooking items left from when I scrapbooked that it's really just the little goodies I need to purchase.  My theme for my cousin's was items for the hands:  she received hand creme (Perfectly Posh's BFYHC of course), a set of Jamberry nail stickers, and an owl nail file from Thirty One.

I could not decide on a bonus item from Birchbox this month - I really wanted the pineapple bag, the Fouta towel, and the glass water bottle but could not get all three.  I decided not to get any and save the money toward getting another sub box.  I am still trying to decide which book sub box to try.  I really want one that includes awesome goodies with it - paper products or office supplies or book swag.  If you found a good one, let me know. 

There is a new palette from Urban Decay on the horizon - sounds like it will be a smoky palette - they have a Smoked palette but this is more like the original Naked palettes. 

That's what is on my radar this week - what are you starting on?  Any new hobbies?  New sub boxes?

Birchbox June 2015

What's in
the box?

The theme for Birchbox's June was Adventure.  I love the purple and yellow box I received. This subscription is one of the cheapest out there in box land.  It is $10 a month with a huge store to earn points to spend them in.  It is a huge company now with even a store in New York, Soho area. Really, the only criticism I have for Birchbox is that the England boxes are much better.

The box included a code to enter on the site for a chance to win prizes.  Sadly, mine was a $10 off coupon when you spend $50.

Clean by Fresh Laundry - (full size $20)  The name is perfect for this perfume - it does smell sort of like rubbing alcohol when it first goes on but that goes away. It is very fresh smelling and reminds me of laundry day.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting fluid in spf 15 -     ( ~$3 sample - $49 full price)  I did not think I would like this but it is not greasy or too dark for me.  It moisturizes, contains sunblock, and minimizes pores.  It is a very nice little primer and I will enjoy using it.  I doubt I will buy it in full size at this price.

Dr Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water  ($32 full size)  This is a hydrogen, mineral water.  I chose this product as my pick this month.  This is used with a cotton ball, no rinsing needed.  This is perfect for traveling or just tossing in your gym bag for a clean face.  It does make your face feel very nice.

Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter and bonus conditioner sample -   ( ~$1 and full size $19.50)  I am more likely to buy the conditioner than the shampoo in this.  I do thank them for including a sample of the conditioner. I really dislike getting one without the other. 

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner - ( full size $11)   There was a different eyeliner we were all supposed to get in our boxes this month but there was a dock dispute that held it up.  This is another donation to my sisters eyeliner collection - she will never have to buy it again between my boxes and hers.

L Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail holder -  ($1)  I like it when Birchbox adds a lifestyle item as a bonus to the box.  This is really cute and my daughter will enjoy.

This was not my favorite box since I have subscribed but it is hardly the worst.  I will use almost all of it so that is a win for me.  The boxes they have sent lately have been little works of art too - and I am still excited to hear their ideas for how to re-use - we are supposed to be saving them all up for the end of the year.

PopSugar June 2015

What's in 
the box?

PopSugar Must Have Box for June came right before I left for vacation so I did not have a chance to review it.  The theme for June was Sun-Kissed, Papaya, Outdoor Fun, Coconut, and Yoga Warrior.

Yogitoes Peacock hBand -  ($4) I think the price on these is great!  They are really soft too.  I love the color blue I received too.  I will probably use this when I am washing my face more than for doing Yoga.  This goes with the Yoga Warrior part of the theme.

Pacifica Enlighten Palette - ($14)  I love collecting palettes.  I do not have this one and will use most of these shades so this is a keeper.  I do wish it had been a Too Faced palette but the box sent one last year.  These eye shadows contain coconut water - so they are that part of the theme.

Spongelle Boxed Flowers in Papaya - ($16)  I love getting products like this in boxes!  I will have to hide this from my teenage daughter who also loves sponges with goody soap in them!  Papaya and Soft Skin - the themes of the month these contribute to.

Quay Sunglasses - ($45)   This was our expensive item of the box - I now have 5 pairs of sunglasses with the pairs I have been getting from sub boxes plus the ones I own already.  This is fine with me though because I lose and break them all the time. Sun-Kissed!

In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume -  ($16) A book!  I have been looking through sub boxes that send books for a few weeks now, trying to find one I will really enjoy.  I want a book sent to me a month but with little goodies too.  This might be my favorite thing in this months PopSugar box!  I have read Judy Blume for years.  Outdoor fun?  This would be a good beach read.

There were also Snap Infusion Super Candy in the box - but my hubby and son grabbed them right up and ate them on their way to work out at the gym.  They highly recommend them!

I have not really been happy with my PopSugar boxes lately. When I look at the value of this one versus Little Lace Box, I really cannot justify keeping this one.  I will watch for spoilers for July, but I am guessing I will not be going back. The value on this box was just over $1oo.

Did you get the June PopSugar?  What was your favorite item? 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Ipsy June 2015

What's in
the box?

My glam bag from Ipsy arrived the other day - it is $10 a month and contains 5 makeup, skincare, and/or hair products.  I cancelled this bag but picked it back up after seeing the bag from last month - remember - once you see the bag of the month, you will get the next month's bag.

The theme this month is Swim into Beauty. 

The bag this month is waterproof and a pretty slate black color - the zipper is orange. 

NYC Liquid Eyeliner -  ($2.99 )  This is probably the item I like least in the bag.  I am not really fond of this brand.   I have had a lot of eyeliners in my box this month - so I will be passing this on to my sister who uses eyeliner every day. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer -  ($8 )  I do not think I have tried the photo finish one - I may have used too much the first time I tried the other type because it felt very slick.  I did a little research and Smashbox will send you a sample of this, just click here.  They will charge you a shipping fee so only add it if you are already buying from their online store. 

tre'Stique Mini Eye Shadow Crayon in Kona Coffee - ($10)  This is a cute little crayon - I love how the lid looks like a crayon too.  I like this color a lot and this may be my favorite product in the bag. 

J Cat Beauty Liptitude in Blow Your Mind -    ($5.99)   Now this is pink!  Blow Your Mind pink evidently! I do like the look of several of the other colors and for this price point, I can get a few of them. 

BioRepublic Sheet Mask Trio in Green Tea Detox, Aloe Rescue, and Cucumber Breeze -  ($15)  This is a good mix of masks but since I am a Perfectly Posh consultant - I have several face masks I love already.  I will probably pass these on to my mother who loves getting these.

My bag was worth about $40 this month - the masks and primer were half of that.   I am just meh about the contents but I love the bag.  I did like the color of eye shadow crayon I received but not the lip stain.