Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blue Velveteen September 2014


Blue Velveteen is a brand new subscription box that started this month!  It is $10 a month. They had kind of a rocky start - their initial box was given to several bloggers to spread the word but the box the bloggers got was not the box you got if you signed up for the sub box.  This caused some disgruntled customers as you can imagine.

The box is really cute and the little blue square is velvet!  Mine did not have B V on it like other boxes I saw reviewed.

First Look: 

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eye Shadow -   ($3)  These little shimmery eye shadow comes in a variety of colors.  I received the Penny color which is a coppery color.  I really like this shade on me so I was happy with it.  NYX is one of my favorite brands so I was thrilled to get something from the line.

Sexy Bath And Body Lavender & Chamomile Calming Body Wash -  ($4.50)  This is a very nice little tube but I am allergic to a combination of these two fragrances so I will be passing it along to a sister.  

 Ciate Mini Mani Polish in Tweed -   ($2)   This is a cute little polish and I love Ciate brand - the photo here does not do it justice however.  It is a gold color with shimmery aqua and navy.  I cannot wait to wear this holiday season!  

 Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream -  (~$2)  I just got this in a Conditioner from my Birchbox this month so I was happy to have something else from their line.  I love leave ins so can never have too many.  The packet is a nice size too so I will have enough for my thick, long hair.

Blanc Pearl Caviar Toner Skin Brightening and Anti-Wrinkle Effects -  This toner is expensive so it was fun to get a few samples of it in my box.  This is a Korean skin care product.  I have just recently become aware of the great skin care products from Korea.  I do not really know what the value of these would be; a couple of dollars I would guess.

The other boxes that went out included all of the above (excluding the Blanc Toner) with a perfume, lip gloss and hair tie.

While this box did not have the value I would normally like, it was a nice little box with lots of new products to try.  It reminds me of Birchbox but without the point system.  I am very interested to see what they do with next months box.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Posh at Play!


I was so excited to attend Posh at Play in Cincinnati with Perfectly Posh.  It was several hours from my home but so worth the trip!

Posh gave out these super yummy cookies for all the Posh ladies! 

 Here is the room waiting on the Party to get started! 

My favorite part of the night was sampling several of the items that just came out in the new line.  This MFEO scrub was fantastic and my favorite product that we sampled.

The Acute Candy Trance and Fruiteaze are other items I sampled at the Party.  Acute Candy Trance is a lotion that smells just like vanilla frosting.  It is fantastic!  The Acute Fruiteaze is a solid perfume stick that smells like candied fruit.  

I am very excited about the new lines makeup products - I've Been Set Up is a misting makeup setter that is so refreshing.  I'm So Over It is a makeup remover.

We sampled a bunch of products and I was so happy to get to experience the wonderful new products in our line.  The Lip Dye in Posh Pink was there for sampling and it is beautiful.  We also got to sample the lip plumper, the Clearly I Sparkle gloss. 

The bash was a fun time and at the end we got a birthday bundle worth $70.  We got Poshy Mallow Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme, Drop Dead Gorgeous body scrub, Pamerpology mask it, Schwanky & Soft AHA Exfoliating Creme, and the Smoocheroo lip plumper.

I have not been sorry for a minute that I joined Perfectly Posh - you can join too right here.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Funday Sunday!

What's New?

Splendies Subscription - my underwear package came this month and I was pleased with all three pairs.  The royal blue pair was my favorite.  This sub is nice because you can skip a month if you do not want to get a few pairs that month.  Then you just e-mail them and they can un-skip your subscription.  This subscription box is $12-16 depending on your choices. 

 Kawaii Subscription Box -  I have been looking for a cute subscription box for awhile now and I think I finally found it!  This box contains 10-12 items of super cuteness.  The box is $18.90 a month and you can pay through paypal.  

Loot Crate -  My daughter receives Loot Crate every month and this month's theme was Galactica.  She received a Tribble from Star Trek, a poster of Han Solo, an Alien figurine, a pack of money from Firefly and a Firefly figurine, as well as Pop Rocks, a magnet, and the Loot Crate button.  It was a very nice box and my daughter liked it all!

Vaseline's Creme Brulee -  Very happy to pick up this little lip therapy balm in a great flavor.  

Citrus Lane September - There was a special code this month to get a box for $5 and I jumped on that for gifts to save for my nephews.  I was very pleasantly surprised with my box too.  I had tried Citrus Lane a few months ago and did not get even a single toy or fun item.  This month I got the book The Little Red Hen, a Critters activity tumbler, and a fire engine puzzle.  

Wantable Makeup Box September 2014


     Wantable is one of the more pricey subscription boxes but there are a lot of perks to it too that I think justify the $36 price tag.   There are 3 types of Wantable boxes:  Makeup, Intimates, and Accessories.

First of all, the entire box is refundable.  If you get it and dislike it, you can print off a return label and send all of it back for a full refund.  There is not an option to do this with any other box.   Secondly, their quiz is the most detailed I have seen and they follow it.  You can choose things to be on your love, like and dislike list.  You will never get any item on your dislike list and your products will be pulled from your love and like list.  And finally, you can go in to the website each month and choose to skip any of the three boxes.  If you really want some new accessories, leave that one unskipped and skip the other two.  It goes that way for all three boxes.  If you want to skip all three that month, you can do that too.  

This month I skipped Intimates and Accessories and chose to get a Makeup Box!  
I had a great box shipped to me!

First Look: 

This is my quiz results with Love, Like and Dislike. I have a lot of items in my dislike section because these are the items I receive a lot of from other subscription boxes that are not as easy to customize. 

 Vincent Longo Lipstain SPF 15 Lipstick in Fleur de Flirt -  This is the perfect shade for me and I love that this lipstick has sunscreen.  These lipstick retails for $23 on the website. Beautiful shade and love the texture.

Mirabella Blush Duo - This case is so pretty and I love these shades.  Another great pick by Wantable.  These retail for $30.

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo-   This is the prettiest eye shadow palette!  I love these shades and they match exactly to what I buy!  These are $19 on the website.  I am thrilled with this pick!

 Ofra Magic Roulette Concealer -  When I first saw this in the box, I thought it was an eye shadow palette.  I was happy to see it was a product to soften discolorations, cover blemishes and hide imperfections.  How pretty is this too? This concealer has a value of $29.95.  

The value on this box is $101.95 and I paid $36 for this subscription.  The value is really there on this Wantable and I was pleased with everything in my box.  The shades were perfect for me because they listened to the quiz I filled out beforehand.  

Did you get a Wantable box this month?  What were your favorites?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tarte Makeup

Tarte Exposed Set
 from Ulta

I have wanted to try all of these products since I saw them coming out in different Sub boxes!  This is a really cute line!  So when Ulta had the set on sale for $34 with a bonus tarte set, I ordered right away.  The items in the tarte exposed set were all full sized except the Amazonian clay 12-hour blush.

tart Exposed 12-hour Cheek Tint - These cheek tints were featured in a Boxycharm a few months ago and I really wanted one.  They retail for $30.  I like blushes that apply without a brush too.  This will go right into my makeup train case!

tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour Blush -  This is the only sample size in the box but it is still a nice size to tell if you like it before purchase the full size one, which is $26.  I tried this right away and loved the shade on!  I think it will work with any coloring too! Beautiful!

tarted exposed LipSurgence power pigment -   I tried this right away too and it was more of a matte stain that I liked putting under my lip gloss.  It helped the color last so much longer.  Again, a nice nude that would work on any skin tone.  These are $24. 

tarte Lipsurgence lip gloss -  This was what I was most happy about getting in this set!  I have heard great things about this lip gloss and I love lip glosses.  It is a nice nude shade that shimmers.  These are $19.

tarte Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara -  This is a nice deluxe sample size. I love trying new mascara so this will be fun.  The packaging is really cute too.  

tarte Amazonian clay finishing powder - Another deluxe tarte item that is really cute!  I like this finishing powder a lot and will probably get the full size for this winter.  The full size is $32.  

This was a great deal!  I paid $34 for the kit and received $73 in full size merchansize plus 3 other deluxe samples.  I also received skin sample packets for Cotz, Olay and Hada & Labo.  I have wanted to try the Hada & Labo skin cream. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Walmart Fall Box


When I heard Walmart was sending out a quarterly sample box and the price was $5, I JUMPED on it!  That is a crazy good deal, people!  That is basically shipping - so everything in your box is free!  And I was not disappointed!  Variety and nice size items!
The box was actually pretty cute.  I thought they did a good job on it.

First glance: 

Even though I had seen a few photos online, there was more in this box than I expected.

Cover Girl Continuous Color in Mauve - I was pleasantly surprised that this was not an awful shade that Cover girl was just getting rid of - I have lots of mauve lip shades.  Cover Girl also has a soft place in my heart because it was my first makeup line.  

 Loreal Revitalift Triple Power Moisturizer -   I can never have too much moisturizer!  I use it every morning and night.  Love this brand too.  This is just the cutest little tub and it will fit nicely on my nightstand. 

Olay Regenerist -  This is a micro-sculpting cream to hide wrinkles and moisturize.  I do not know how many times I have almost bought this!  This was the item I was happiest about seeing in the Walmart Beauty box!  I really wanted to try this without spending the money first.

Juicy Couture's Couture Couture -   And you cannot have a beauty box without a perfume sample!  FUN!  

Suave Clinical Strength Deodorant - As soon as I saw this item, I knew who would be using it - my athlete son who cannot wear enough deodorant to keep from stinking!  WOW!

 Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy -   And of course, no box is complete with packets of hair products!! I do dye my hair, so I will use these right up. 

I did see some variations on this box around the web.  It looked like instead of the moisturizers, some people received Shampoo and Conditioner.  So happy I got what I did.

I thought Walmart did a great job on this subscription box!  For $5, it was an amazing value too!  Did you get the Walmart box?  What was your favorite item?

Birchbox September 2014

What's In the Box?

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that ships to your home, box and all, for $10.   If you review those items in their online shop, you can earn points to spend in the shop.  Each review earns 10 points and if you get 100 points, that's $10.  You can only spend them in $10 increments.  For example,  I had 286 points so that was $20 in the store with 86 points left to keep building on.

Birchbox did their amazing choice feature again this month!  There were three items you could choose from to add to your box while they picked out the rest or you could pick the Fashionista box - and they told you what would be inside that one as well.  I think I should have picked the Shisedo facial cream and let BB pick the rest of my box.  I really did not realize from the description how much of this box I have already gotten in past boxes.

September is their Anniversary month so the boxes were decorated special!  Mine is very cute and I will find another use for it.  They are sturdy little boxes.

Again, I picked the Fashionista box because I thought it would contain more makeup than what they would put together for me.

First look: 

Naobay Body Radiance Lotion - (full size $24) I have received this in a past box but it is a very nice lotion.  I love lotions and use them year round so this will not go to waste.

Macadamia Professional Flawless Cleansing Conditioner -  ($15-$33)  This was the item I was the most curious about in this month's box.  I have seen the stuff around and wanted to try it out.  It is for your hair and you use it in place of shampoo and conditioner. 

Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara -   (full size $24) I did not used to be a mascara crazed person but now that I have tried many different brands, I know there is a difference in the quality.  I am excited to try this brand as I have never purchased anything from it before.

dr brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner -   (full size $45)  I have gotten a few things from this brand before and I really like it.  I also received a goody bag of samples in the mail when I emailed them to try things out.  The lady was very nice and asked about my skin concerns.  I was a little disappointed in this because in the Birchbox sneak peak they acted like we would be getting the whole set.  It said dr brandt clean up nice kit

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Silver Eyeliner - (full size $16)  This was another item I have received in past boxes.  It might not have been BB though.  This is a very nice brand and I love every in it.  

I am very happy with this month's box even if I did have some repeats.  What did you get in your box this month?  Do you want to sign up and have fun with me?  Click here. 

Birchbox is just so amazing!  If that wasn't cool enough, they do Birchbox Plus.  They give you options of things you can add to your box for a price (of course).  This month the choices were a set of nail polishes from Ruffian or a Pura Vida bracelet stack! 

I chose the bracelets since I have tons of nail polish from every subscription box I have every joined.

Pura Vida stacks retail anywhere from $30 to $90.  I added this stack to my box for $24 and loved the stack they chose.  Pura Vida is a company that works with the artisans of Costa Rica to bring beautiful bracelets, bags, and other items back to the US.  I am a huge fan!  And so is Robert Downey Jr.