Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday is Monday's Ugly Sister

Tuesday is here again and I have a few sets I have not reviewed around the house - the Josie Maran Pure & Free and the Smasbox Smoke Box.

Josie Maran Pure & Free - ($36)  I picked up this set at Sephora while I was browsing.  It is a five piece set of some of Josie Maran's favorites. 


Bear Naked Wipes -  (full size $12)  These are wipes to remove your makeup and free of loads of chemicals that are bad for you.  A portion of the sales go to the Polar Bears - a perfect reason to stock up on these. 

Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil -  (full size $28)  You can use this to hydrate the skin, condition the lips, and illuminate the complexion.  

Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Be Spirited Sweet Citrus  -   (full size $35) This smells heavenly!  So soft and a lovely citrus!  I am so happy with this.

100 Percent Pure Argan Oil Light -  (full size $48)  This is a smaller sample of Argan oil that is great for your skin.  I like this light version too.  

 Argan Black Oil Mascara -    (full size $22)  I love trying new mascara's so I was excited this included an Argan oil mascara.  I love packaging as well.   The brush is very different but actually seems to be more ergonomically correct for applying mascara.

I am very happy I picked this at Sephora instead of another palette to sit on the shelf in my collection.  

Smashbox Smoke Box - ($10) This was a deal on Hautelook last week and I could not resist it.  It came as a set with this silver case.  

O-Gloss Gold -  (Full size $22)  I love that this included a lip product.  Lip products are my favorites next to eye shadow palettes. 

Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner -  I thought this was an eye liner but it is actually eye shadow with a nice smudge brush on one end.  I will definitely be trying this out. 

Smoke Box eye shadow palette - ( full size $40) This is currently sold out in lots of stores but it is just the sample version.  I do like that though because I never use up a palette before I get bored with it.  

The Smashbox Smoke Box was another great deal that I am thrilled to have found out about.   These go on sale every little bit at Hautelook so keep your eye out for them.

Little Lace Box April Review 2015

What's in
the box?

Little Lace Box has changed up its subscription box and will no longer be sending monthly boxes.  This was the last one and the next box ships in June to start the every other month box system.  I am excited I was in on this box early!  It is one of my favorites.

April's theme is Nonna's Kitchen - items in the box represent items that remind them of their grandmother.  I feel like this box was shipped to me from Italy - love it!

Olive Oil Dipping Bowls by Le Cadeaux -  ($15.99)  Another nice thing about the Little Lace Box is that if you just adore what you got in the box, you can purchase it in their store!  Say you need eight more of these to complete your set - go right over and buy them! I am not sure how long products stay in the store, but right after the launch of the box, I know they are there.  These are the prettiest dipping bowls I have seen and I will enjoy dipping my breads in them! 

Porcelain Jewelry Dish by Artisan Janelle Beaulieu - ($14.99) The sweetest story came with this and I am excited to have one of my very own for my future grandchildren to remember me by!  I do take off my jewelry before working on things in the kitchen so this will get a lot of use.  Just Beautiful!

Tea Towel by Belle & Union Co -  ($14.99)  This is probably the only item I was not that excited about - I would have preferred a design that went more with the theme of the box.  They do have some really cute ones in their shop - go see the Whimsical Recipe Tea Towels.

Market List Notepad by Brianna -   ($4.99)  This was created to go along with the tea towel.  I love making lists!  

Filotea Pennette della Domenica from Marx Foods -   ($8.99) I am planning a great little Italian dinner with all the goodies in this box and I really only have to buy a few items!  This was picked for us by some girls who know pasta so I am excited to try it.

Gourmet Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar by The Ancient Olive -  ($13.99) My husband was very excited to see these bottles - he loves to cook fancy stuff.  I like to watch him cook! These were bottled just for us. 

Cucina Dish Soap from Fruits & Passion -   ($8.99)  I love that they included us a cute bottle of dish soap - I end up doing the dishes because my hubby does the cooking.  This smells amazing too!

Trentasette Red Pesto with Truffles from Marx Foods -   ($ 8.99) This will be fun to dip my Italian bread in this during my Italian dinner!  This sounds amazing!

Ancient Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar - ($13.99)  An item that was not included is a full size bottle of our choice of Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar.  They gave us a code for this in the shop because due to the West Coast dock strikes, the bottles were held up.  I got a code to go in and have this sent to me free of charge.  I love this box! 

What a great value box!  I paid $39.99 for this and the value is over $100.  I feel like they shipped their Italian grandma's kitchen to my door.   This was a fantastically curated box.  

Ladies, I am giving you the heads up now - go buy the box that ships in June - the theme is Classy and Fabulous!  "Our June box will shower you with inspiration and accessories to glam up your summer style and take you from day to dinner."

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wantable Makeup April 2015

What's in
the box?

Wantable now has 5 - yes, 5 - boxes you can have shipped monthly to your home!  Three of them work like traditional boxes - the Accessories, Intimates, and Makeup boxes.  You fill out a survey of your style and likes/dislikes, and they curate a box just for you.  I like this type of box because you never get something you hate - Hate all those eyeliners in every box?  Just put eyeliner in your hate list, and you will not get one ever.   These boxes are $40 a month but you save $4 on the next month's box if you keep all the items instead of returning pieces for the itemized refund on the card.

Two of their subscription boxes are now style boxes  - they call them edits - you pay a small styling fee and then pay for the items if you decide to keep them.  They have a fashion one and a fitness clothes one.  

I have decided to play a round robin with the boxes since you can skip the traditional 3 at any time.  This month it was Makeup's turn and it did not disappoint.

 First Look:

Fran Wilson MOODmatcher Luxe Twist stick in Orange -  ($8)  The box says this is smudge proof, fade proof and kiss proof.  I wore it for awhile and got it to a Barbie pink but I do not know how dark it would get.  It was a fun item to try out! 

Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Hydrating Primer -  ($14.99)  I was really excited to see this in my box!  I have never tried anything from this line and have really wanted to!  This is a great size tube too!  

Tarina Tarantino lip gloss in Cabochon -  ($19)  I was not expecting to like this as much as I do!  It is a great shade on me and is so pretty!  I thought it would be too pink but it is actually close to my actual lip shade and puts a lovely shine on my lips.  I need to find out where this $10 retail price is from the Wantable card! These are on sale for $10 right now on Hautelook.

Frankie Rose Cosmetics 3 Shade Blush in Ravish - ($35)  I had not heard of this brand before so I was excited to see it in my box as well.  This is really pretty and I like have the 3 shades instead of having 3 different blushes in my makeup bag! 

 I was blown away by the value and the products in this month's Wantable box.  I had heard some people were not happy with the value since they had gone to a piece return system but I am really loving the boxes that have been curated for me since they did that.  The last Intimates box contained two sets of pajamas.  This makeup box is one of my favorites now! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So Susan's Lip Love!

What's in
the bag?

So Susan Lip Love's subscription bag was a great way to end my Tuesday!  This bag is $15.95 a month.  You can skip a month or send your month's bag to a friend!  How fun is that?  Many of the products are Paraben and Phthalates free.  This company is a cruelty free one too.

This package ships from England - I love that my package said Royal Mail on it!  The product card in the bag is so pretty and I love the quote on it. 

The card says this is the I Love Flowers in Spring bag.  It lists all the bag contents and the prices. 

Eco-Chic Canvas Makeup Bag - ($12)  The designs on these bags are fantastic.  I love this bag - and its quote.  It is so me!   I am excited to see what next bag will look like.

Wonderlight (Luminizer and Brightening Base) in Bronze Wonder -  ($17.95)  This is a stick with luminizer on one end and a base stick on the other.  I love the packaging on this too - so cute!

Colour Hybrid -   ($17.50)  This product is a lip and cheek mousse.  I love the packaging.  

8-Hour Cheek Stain in Orchid -   ($30)  I really like this blush stick - it is so pretty and I love the shade. The boxes for these products are works of art!  I love this one.

Bonus items:

Jelly Pong Pong's Caribbean Sun - ($25)  This is a bronzer duo.  I need to watch a video to see how you are supposed to use these - and read if a pale skin person can pull this off.

Happy Daisies Flower Grips - ($6)  These are cute little barrettes that I will be passing on to a friend's daughters.  They are such a pretty purple flower.

 The value on this bag was $96.50.  I am so happy I cancelled my Ipsy bag to join this one.  

Monday, April 20, 2015

L'OCCIBOX Spring Collection by L'Occtaine

What's in
the box?

L'Occtaine has a Spring collection box and sells for $48 but with code SUGAR, you can get the box for $20 plus shipping.  I missed the last one and was really upset so as soon as I saw it, I bought it.  This is still for sale.  The whole box smelled of roses as I opened it.  I am also a lover of all things French!

First look:

 L'Occtane Serum - ($16)  The full size of this is $70 so it will probably not be purchased but I am interested in trying it.   It is an anti-aging serum.

Bonne Merre Rose Soap -   ($7)  This is a very pretty soap!  I love both sides of it and it smells like roses - hence the name. 

Champagne Bears - ($8)  I first thought these were bubble bath bears but they are a snack - a champagne gummy bear.  Gummy bears are one of my favorites and having a champagne flavored box of them is fantastic!  I just might eat these in my bubble bath surrounded by candlelight and drinking a glass of wine.

Shea Whipped Hand Cream -  ($12)  This is a nice sized tube and I love the packaging. I love Shea butter and it is whipped. 

 Shea Butter Hand Cream -   ($3.50)  This is a smaller tube and is for dry skin.  I have a lot of hand creams but I will check this out. 

The value of this is dead on without the coupon so I am glad I had it.  This was a fun Spring box that smells just like a flower garden.