Monday, April 27, 2015

Wantable Makeup April 2015

What's in
the box?

Wantable now has 5 - yes, 5 - boxes you can have shipped monthly to your home!  Three of them work like traditional boxes - the Accessories, Intimates, and Makeup boxes.  You fill out a survey of your style and likes/dislikes, and they curate a box just for you.  I like this type of box because you never get something you hate - Hate all those eyeliners in every box?  Just put eyeliner in your hate list, and you will not get one ever.   These boxes are $40 a month but you save $4 on the next month's box if you keep all the items instead of returning pieces for the itemized refund on the card.

Two of their subscription boxes are now style boxes  - they call them edits - you pay a small styling fee and then pay for the items if you decide to keep them.  They have a fashion one and a fitness clothes one.  

I have decided to play a round robin with the boxes since you can skip the traditional 3 at any time.  This month it was Makeup's turn and it did not disappoint.

 First Look:

Fran Wilson MOODmatcher Luxe Twist stick in Orange -  ($8)  The box says this is smudge proof, fade proof and kiss proof.  I wore it for awhile and got it to a Barbie pink but I do not know how dark it would get.  It was a fun item to try out! 

Eddie Funkhouser Luxlight Hydrating Primer -  ($14.99)  I was really excited to see this in my box!  I have never tried anything from this line and have really wanted to!  This is a great size tube too!  

Tarina Tarantino lip gloss in Cabochon -  ($19)  I was not expecting to like this as much as I do!  It is a great shade on me and is so pretty!  I thought it would be too pink but it is actually close to my actual lip shade and puts a lovely shine on my lips.  I need to find out where this $10 retail price is from the Wantable card! These are on sale for $10 right now on Hautelook.

Frankie Rose Cosmetics 3 Shade Blush in Ravish - ($35)  I had not heard of this brand before so I was excited to see it in my box as well.  This is really pretty and I like have the 3 shades instead of having 3 different blushes in my makeup bag! 

 I was blown away by the value and the products in this month's Wantable box.  I had heard some people were not happy with the value since they had gone to a piece return system but I am really loving the boxes that have been curated for me since they did that.  The last Intimates box contained two sets of pajamas.  This makeup box is one of my favorites now! 

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