Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday is Monday's Ugly Sister!

I did a little shopping online last week and a few things have come in.  Shop Miss A is a really inexpensive site that has a variety of items.  The majority of their items are jewelry but they do have some makeup and accessories.  

Kids Cartoon Folding Mirror Comb (Pink Kitty and Blue Bunny) - ($1 each)  I saw these on the site and could not resist these for my friend's little girls.  

Colorful Stone Studded Chain Bracelet (Blue) - ($1) I love blues so this is perfect for me.  I love how it dangles on my wrist.  A majority of the items I buy from Miss A are bracelets. 

 Colorful Stone Studded Chain Bracelet (Mint) -   ($1)  I like this one so much, I got it in the mint too.  

Etched and Bead Bracelet (Black) -  ($1) This was so pretty that I could not pass it up.  It looks even prettier in purpose. 

My Perfectly Posh recruit bonus came in today too.  Poshymallow is a great scent and now I have it in a scrub.  These are so nice in the shower.  You can not buy this scent though - it is reserved for promotions like recruit bonuses and Day Away bundles when you a Posh consultant. 

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