Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Friday Weekend Deals!

What did I buy?

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends and Family!  It was a long weekend of family, food, shopping, and relaxing! 

I have been debating on which A5 planner to get - I do not have that size and really wanted to start using one.  Carpe Diem went on sale on Blitsy and they were an amazingly good deal.  I bought the Aqua color with some extra Carpe Diem goodies:  the pouch, the pocket folders, sticker sets, charms, and bookmarks.

The 3 pocket folders that come in this set are so cute - and coordinate with the rest of the planner set.  
 This plastic storage pouch will be great to fill with bits and stickers for decorating.
 I also ordered the Illustrated Life sticker set.  There are two sheets of each page.
 I could not pass by these magnetic page markers that coordinate with the rest of the kit.

The planner comes with the camera charm, but I also purchased these four charms to switch out from time to time.  You can purchase them here for a deal.
And finally, these icon stickers, which will be perfect for decorating in my planner.

Etsy had some great deals as well.   

I bought a snowman charm from LoveNeen's shop.  I bought a leaf charm a few months back for the Fall season.  I wanted to get one for the winter season so I grabbed this little cutie up.  It was $4 on sale.

I also bought some page flags from this great shop, Xotiphani.     These are awesome because the whole thing is a sticker.  I was excited she took the suggestions of those on Instagram and made Honey Bear ones.  I purchased a Field Notes Dori in Winnie the Pooh print a few months back so it matches perfectly.

I was shopping on the Mylkshoppe too.  I needed some zip pocket and card holders for field notes size.  I will be setting it up with my Pooh flags.

Also from that shop, I found these Washi rings for a small amount of Washi tape.  I like to sort my tape each month with the color scheme I am using to plan.  These rings will be perfect for that.

Another shop, Zytlalay,  had a good deal on the paper clips for my Winnie the Pooh field notes travel notebook.   I purchased Piglet, Melody, and Pooh.

We also went to Target and the Mall on Black Friday and got most of the people on our list a present.   I hope you found lots of goodies for those you love!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Birchbox November 2015 Review

What's in
the box?

Birchbox sends monthly hair, skin, and hair products for you to sample and check out before you buy the full size item.  They have an online store that is fantastic - and you earn points that turn into cash to spend in that store.  I have a hard time saving up my points - I usually spend it when it gets to $20, especially if I have a discount code.

The box this month is gorgeous!  I love these colors!

Sumbody Milky Rich Salt Scrub -  (full size $18.95) I will be passing this on to my Swap Buddy since I sell Perfectly Posh and we have the best scrubs.  I do like this has lots of natural ingredients.

eSalon Perfect Ending Leave In Conditioner -   (sample $3, full-size $15.95)  I love leave in conditioners - they are one of my favorite hair products.  I like to use them every time I wash my hair.  I like the size of this tube too - sometimes the samples are not very big.

MAKE Face Gloss  (full-size $25)  This is a very small tube but you only have to use a pea size amount so it should last. I am not sure I would buy this in the full size, but it is fun to try out new products.  I love this line of makeup.

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick in Impress Me (Deep Rose Gold) -  (full-size $10)  Birchbox has developed it's own makeup line with the help from Tati Westbrook.  These are very reasonable and I love the colors that they come in.  They also have a lip line too.

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris -  This perfume will also be passed on to my Swap Buddy - I have a hard time with perfumes.  Usually I am allergic to them unless they are fruity.

I thought this was a great box - I will only be swapping two of the five items and will earn 60 points - 50 points for reviewing it and 10 for buying it.  100 points equals $10 in the store.

Purchased.  All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

Geek Fuel November 2015 Review

What's in
the box?

Geek Fuel is a geek and gamer box that promises a value of $50 or more, a t-shirt in every box, and an online game.   We recently switched from Loot Crate to this box because we needed to receive a t-shirt in every box to continue getting the box for my daughter.   This box is $23.90 which is still in our budget for the box.

There is not a theme for the Geek Fuel boxes but there are always fun products from popular games, movies, or TV shows.

Every box has a very informative magazine inside that has fun articles and more about the products in the box.

Fallout Vault-Tec Badge Giveaway -   This security badge has a code to check online to see if you won a Fallout 4 game and be entered to win an X box 1 and the game.  Kenzie did not win the initial giveaway but she is entered to win the other giveaway. 

Mockingjay Sticker -   My daughter slapped this on her laptop as soon as it left the box.  We are excited to see Part 2 of the movie coming out soon.  This sticker is such a great color. 

Pac Man Ghosts Salt and Pepper Pots  ($12.99)  This is my daughters favorite part of the box!  She wants to save these for her apartment one day. 

Ghostbusters Cards ($9.99)  These playing cards are very fun! I like getting items that are useful and not just characters to sit on a shelf. 

Defense Grid 2 Online Game -  ($15)  Sometimes these games are not compatible with Macs but this one is.   This little book also goes into how video games are made which is very interesting.

Star Wars Light Saber T-shirt -   ($20)  This t-shirt is really cool.  My daughter has liked every t-shirt she has been sent in the Geek Fuel boxes.  They have also always been the soft cotton tees - very nice quality.

This was another winning box -  my daughter loved every item in it and she is excited to use everything.  There was also a Fallout 4 poster.  The value of this box was just above $50 and well worth the money we paid for it.

Purchased.  All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Happy Weekend!

The week really flew by  - so hard to believe we are in November and the Holidays are just around the corner. 

Birchbox never ceases to amaze me.  I got an e-mail stating a product I love, Yarok Feed Your Ends,  is back in stock.  It is $19.80.  I jumped right on because I knew I had a code for being with Birchbox for 21 months - that's right, you get a code all the time - 20% off.  I had about $10 in points too.  I am an Ace so I get free shipping all the time.  That made it about $6 for this hair product to be shipped to me.  This is why I am still a BB subscriber after 21 months!  There is not a sub box out there with this type of program - you get points for reviewing, buying, referring, for just getting a box every month.  Those points turn into cash to spend in their store - and their store is fantastic.  It's not just makeup, skin and hair products - there are kitchen items, candles, clothes, and so many other items. 

My planner addiction is beyond control!  I love all the goodies - washi tape, sticky notes, pens, page flags, stickers, paperclips, and more!  Target $1 spot has revamped - it is Spot's Playground now and there are some amazing items in it!  Stuff you can give for Christmas presents - for $1 and $3!  Go check it out.  I had fun sorting through all the goodies.  I got some cute ornaments, stickers, erasers, gift tags, and stocking stuffers.

Etsy shopping is so easy it is addicting.  There are so many cute shops out there and I love the ones that give you little extras with your order.   I ordered these cute Kawaii animal pens and she sent me two paperclips and a note pad set.   How sweet was that?  Planner Hauls is the Etsy shop - go get these pens - affordable and adorable!

I have been on the hunt to increase my planner family with an A5 - I have three personal size - two from Webster's Pages and a Filofax.  But I have really been eyeing the A5 size.  I think I finally decided to get the Simple Stories Carpe Diem set.  Not just because of the planner but the inserts that are included are just beautiful.  Deciding on the color is going to be so hard!  I love the coral, the aqua, and the platinum!  I am leaning toward the aqua because that is the color I have wanted from the start of my planner obsession.

Have a great weekend!  Link your planner blog below so I can check it out!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ink & Wink September Kit 2015

What's in
the box?

Ink & Wink is a subscription box for planner junkies.  You request an invitation to join and when they have spots available, they send you an email to purchase the monthly box.  It is $23 a month and that includes shipping.  There were variations in every item of the box except the Ariel bookmark and the Masking Sticker Set.

Glitter Zebra Striped Washi Tape -   ($1.98)  What planner junkie kit would be complete without washi tape?  I do not have anything like this so it is perfect for me.

Trees and Children Washi Tape -   ($2.50)  I love this washi tape - I had never seen it before getting this kit.  It is my favorite item in the box.

Ariel Bookmark -  ($2.95)  This is handrawn by an artist named Dalyn and her work is just beautiful.  This bookmark is the reason I snatched up the Ink & Wink kit - I love it!  She has more great artwork on her site so check it out.  There was a coupon code as well to get a discount in her shop.

Masking Sticker Set -  ($1.99)  These are like washi tapes on a card.  There are 27 sheets of different designs with slim, regular size and dots.  There are lots of versions of this set on Etsy and they range is price. 

Rilakkuma Cream Bear Paper Clip - ($3.12) I am so happy this is the one I received in the box.  It is the cutest!  I will use it with my new Hello Kitty travel notebook.

Kitty House-it Note Pad -  ($1.75) I have been looking at these online but I think it will be a perfect gift to include in a pocket letter for my cousin who loves cats. 

Lion and Lion Cub Note Pads -  ($1.80)  I cannot believe I do not own any of these.  They are so cute and fun!   There is a whole line of different animals to collect.

Cat One Point Marker  ($2.20)  More fun page markers!  I love these cats so much and the colors are so pretty. 

Yellow Marker -  I like getting markers in boxes because it does not happen often.  I am not sure what company makes these and I could not find any info on them online.

Orange Macaroon -  ($3.50) This cute little macaroon trinket box was also included.  I have a few of these but not this color so this was perfect.

Hawaii Paper Party Card Candies -    These are the other hand made items in the kit.  These little goodies can be used to make paperclips, decorate your planners, scrapbooking or card decorating.  There was also a coupon code for this shop in the box.

 The only thing I am a little concerned about is that the website says you will get 12-14 items in the box - I received 10 unless she is counting those three little paper embellishments individually.  I believe that is stretching it - and the value was hard to figure out but it is close to what you pay for the box.  I do like the items she has enclosed in her kit. 

Purchased.  All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Birchbox October 2015 Review

What's in
the box?

Birchbox is a sample monthly subscription kit for $10 a month.   The real value in this sub is the online store and the points you earn every month.  You can turn these points into money in the BB store.  

The box this month was decorated for October Breast Cancer Awareness and it is beautiful.  I love this gorgeous, marble pink.  

Stila Huge mascara -   I have wanted to try this mascara for awhile - it was my choice of the month from the 5 mascaras we could choose.  I am loving how this feels on my lashes. 

Klorane Dry Shampoo -   I have received this dry shampoo in many boxes and it really is not my favorite.  I will be passing it along to my BB swap buddy! (Hi, Swap Buddy!) 

Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream -     This is a lightweight cream to moisturize the skin.  I love the moisturizer I already use so this too will go to my Swap Buddy.

Bio Republic Aloe Rescue Mask -  I have gotten this mask several times in boxes over the last year so it too will be passed on to my Swap Buddy.  

Number 4 Lumiere dhiver Fluoro5 Elixir Restore & Repair -  This is a hair oil - I love hair oils so I cannot wait to see if this lives up to the Number 4 reputation.  

I would say this was not the perfect box for me since I am swapping out 3 of the 5 items.  I do love the two that I am keeping, however, so that is a nice trade off.  I also get to review the items (most of which I have already tried) to earn more points for spending in the online store.  I really do not know how people save them up because I usually cave at $20 worth.  Do you get Birchbox?  Join here.   If you do, did you get some great samples this month?

Purchased.  All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.