Friday, July 24, 2015


Loving that this is Friday and I have the whole weekend to create, plan, and shop!  I did go out to the Chanrio site and make myself one.  I was a bit disappointed I could not find red hair.  Maybe I was not looking in the right place, I do not know.   This is me - blue eyes, earrings, a cute necklace and a coffee cup in my hand.

I have really been getting into the world of Planners lately.  I had know clue how extensive this world can be - there are more planners out there than I ever realized.  I started about two years ago with a personal Filofax that I bought on Amazon. 

I discovered Midori's too - and that many people have taken their own spin on these - you can not only get leather ones, but there are plastic, paper, and cloth ones.  This is my holy grail item right now - a Confetti-dori from this woman in Australia.   Teddi's Etsy shop only opens every time she is ready to sew more for everyone. 

There is also this fun thing called Listers that started in groups of planner societies - You get a prompt of what to make a list of for the month.   Reset Girl started this one I am currently doing.   I am hoping to have my MIL make me a dori to put these books in.

Target back to school section was a fun place to find goodies this year.  I found this lovely pencil bag that I am using to keep my personal Filofax in.  It is so pretty!

I also found these great fox folders - which I am using to sort my lists and projects.

I have fallen in love with Washi tape and look for it in every store I go in - this is my red collection.

The Planner Society is a good place to find information and look for products.  I made a folder for my Filofax from one of their videos on Youtube.

Christy also goes into how to make Washi tape cards to put in your planner.   I like the idea of not having to carry my Washi tape faves around with my planner. 


 So those are things I have been crafting and buying lately.  Have you found any new hobbies you are excited about?


So Susan Lip Love Subscription JULY

What's in 
the bag?

So Susan is a fun cosmetics company over England that has its own subscription monthly bag.  It is called Lip Love - but you get more than lip products in it.  It is $15.90 a month and they ship overseas to the States for free.  I am crazy about their makeup - it is cruelty free and parabens free.  

One of my favorite things about the Lip Love bag is the bag itself - it is always beautiful with a lovely quote on it.  These bags are little works of art.

The inside card has the same artwork and quote on one side and the breakdown of the bags on the other.  This month's theme was I LOVE LIFE!

 There are always three main items and then two bonus items; with one of the bonuses being an accessory.

 Shadow/Liner by Jelly Pong Pong -  ($16)  I love this brand and I love it when an item can be more than one type of makeup - I do not usually wear eye liner so I love that you can use this as a shadow as well.  If you have not gone out and surfed this makeup site - I encourage you to do so. 

Liquid Powder Shadow Palette in Radiant Glow by So Susan -   ($14.95) There are four versions of this palette and I got the perfect one for me!  I love all of these shades and will use them all.  This is just the perfect size too!  I am crazy about this product! 
"It is infused with radiance-boosting minerals, Vitamin K to alleviate dark circles and Copper Peptide to promote collagen and elastin growth around the delicate eye area. "

Lip Dome in Mango by So Susan -  ($12)  I will probably have the whole set of these in a few months - I received Black Currant in my last month's bag. 

Glow Getter by Jelly Pong Pong -   ($12.95)  I have gotten this product in a past bag but it is so beautiful.   this is a luminizer and it is quite shiny.  

Bonus item: Stay Connected Ring - ($10) The accessory item is usually where I can take or leave something, as is the case here.  I am not sure how you wear this but I will probably be putting it in my swap board on Pinterest.  It just is not me.

This was another great month for Lip Love by So Susan.  I love the makeup products and the bag so much - and I cancelled Ipsy which is about the same price.  There were $65.90 products in total and I paid $15.95.  Beautiful products that are cruelty free.

Wantable: Makeup Edition July 2015

What's in
the box?

Wantable has three regular subscriptions and a fashion workout edit box.  The three that you can choose from each month or have sent to you every month are Makeup, Accessories, and Intimate.  I usually pick either an Accessories or Makeup one; my favorite boxes are the Makeup edition. 

    Wantable is different though - you can skip boxes each month or just have one or two of the selections sent to you.  Now you can also return items you do not like for a partial refund of your box monthly fee, which is $40.  If you keep the whole box, you earn a $4 off coupon on your next Wantable box.

 They always make you feel special at Wantable:

 Each of your boxes will come with a break down of the items - it has retail price and what your refund price would be on it.

Wantable is also nice because you make a Love, Like, and Dislike of products - you will never get anything from your dislike section and always something from your Love section.  I currently have brows, eyeliner, lash products, highlighter, bronzer, and nail products in my Dislike section but I could change it up for next month if I chose.  I have warm, eye shadow and lip color in my Love section.  But I do not think I have every been given a full eye shadow palette - it is usually just one color.  In my Like section, I have complexion products, cool, blush and tools. 

Model Co BB Cream -  ($22) You also put in all your info like skin tone, hair and eye color, and complexion needs so they can always match the makeup to you.  I love getting BB cream because I wear it every day and prefer it to heavy foundations.  This is a win for me.

Doucce Lush Lip Gloss Crimson Light  -  ($22) This is a beautiful tube of lip gloss and between it and my BB cream, I have the value of my box.  I love lip glosses - and this seems so elegant and classy. 

Seta Foundation Brush -   ($20)  I could not find this exact brush online, but their other prices have been right on the money.  I will probably use this for highlighter actually since I prefer the Beauty Blender for my BB creams.

OFRA Lipstick 09 -  ($13.15)  This brand has been very popular in my boxes the last few months.  I have received some lip and eye liner from Little Lace Box as well.  I love this shade and it is one I would have picked out for myself.

Another great hit of a box for me!  My stylist did a great job picking out my items and I love the variety - some people would not like getting a lipstick and a lip gloss, but I often pair them.  The value of my box is $75+ and I paid $36 since I got a box a few months ago.  Wantable never slacks off and the boxes are usually just what I wanted.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Target Honor Roll Beauty Box

What's in
the box?

I was able to swipe up the other Target Beauty box as well:  Honor Roll.  Again, these are always $5, free shipping, plus taxes.  These boxes sell out the day they are added to purchase online. 

Again, the box was a nice size and perfect for gift giving.  Just decorate over that target symbol and you have a beautiful gift box.

The theme for this box was Honor Roll.

The Bathery Delicate Pouf - ($1.99) I can always use one of these!  And I love the purple color.  These get you nice and sudsy. 

Olay Fresh Outlasts Body Wash in White Strawberry -   (Full size $4.99)  I do not even purchase body wash anymore - being a Posh consultant, I am crazy about our Chunk bars but my daughter will probably use this for overnight trips.

Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes -   ($2)  These are another set of towelettes I will use right up.  These are good for taking on trips, camping, or to outdoor sporting events or concerts. 

Cover Girl Outlast all-day Primer - ($9.79)  This is the item where the real value is!  This is twice the box - and I will give it a shot since it was in my $5 box.  I wondered why the items had not been that pricey up until now and this is the reason.  Cover Girl really wanted us to try this and love it.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7-Day Treatment -  ($2)  I do not know if there is enough product in here to try it for seven days but I will give it a shot.  I do like John Freida hair products.  I have used his Radiant Red shampoo and conditioner a few times.

NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait -  ($4.99)  These are always awesome to get!  I love their butter glosses.  I do not have this shade which is a bonus!

Another great beauty box by Target.  They knock these out of the park.  Another box over $20 in value.  And I will get to try a few things I have never tried before which is always a plus.


Target Head of the Class Beauty Box

 What's in
the box?

Target does some amazing beauty boxes for $5.  They sell out they day they come out though so you have to be on social media when someone announces they are there.  I mean these are gone lightening fast, Ladies.  I rarely even mention I saw them because I am too busy trying to get in there and get them before they are gone.  Keep checking here for beauty boxes.

There were two boxes released - this is the Head of the Class box.  These are nice sturdy boxes - you could decorate them and give them as gifts.

There was a nice little card and a coupon in the box.   You can save $3 when you spend $15 on beauty products. 

Wet n Wild Max Volume Mascara -  ($4.99) Seriously, the last time I bought mascara was just to purchase my favorite brand - I really did not need to - I have several tubes.  These are like eyeliner and go in spurts, where every box sends you one.

Herbal Essences wild naturals dry oil spray -  ($5.99)  I am interested to see if this can be a dupe for some of the other hair oils I use.   I find the ones I like in Birchbox but they are usually pretty pricey so I have to save up my points to earn a bottle.  It smells really good which I always look for in my sprays.

The Bathery 2 -in-1 Pumice Stone -  ($1.99) Who does not like getting spa items in their boxes?  Ok - we can trade stuff cause I love them!  This will be great on my footsie in the shower!  I love to keep them sandal ready.

 YES to Cucumber Soothing Facial Towelettes  ($2.99)  This is a product I already purchase once in awhile so it was nice to get them in the box.  Love this brand for the wipes.

Goody ouchless elastic hair bands -   (3 cents) This is another item that is bought frequently at my house since as you know, these disappear like lightening and you have to buy more - just like bobby pins.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape -  (Full size $8.89)  I have never owned this before but I should have been picking it up for those shirts that gap on me.  Definitely trying this out next time I wear one.

Covergirl Queen Coloricious Lip Gloss in Give Me Guava -  ($5.99)  Of course, there has to be a lip product in the box - we are women!  We love our lippies! 

This box has a great value and a great assortment of products.  This box was $5 and had well over $20 worth of product in it.  It is one of the better ones they have sent out and I will used everything in this one.  A+ to Target for Head of the Class!

Ipsy July 2015

What's in 
the bag?

Ipsy is $10 a month and always contains a beauty bag designed exclusively for them.  There are 5 beauty, hair and skincare products in the bag.  Sometimes everything fits inside the bag and sometimes it does not.  They do not do an info card on the items but you can find all the items in your online bag and there are usually coupons for things inside the bag.  If you did not get the item you wanted, simply check it out online to buy it at a discount.  Another nice thing about Ipsy is that they have two weekly sales on items they are featuring or have featured. 

 Summer Lovin' is the the theme this month: 

The bag this month is really not me - it is, however, a girlfriend of mine and she will love it.

Eva Nyc Freshen Up Dry Shampoo -   I cannot tell you how many of these I have gotten in the last year since subscribing to boxes.  They are right up there with eye liner.  I do like this brand of products though so it will get used.   To get a 65% discount, use code IPSYJULY65.

Tarte deluxe Amazonian Waterproof Bronzer -  I am a really big fan of tarte - but I do not wear bronzer so this will also go to a girlfriend who loves it.  Use code IPSYJULY to get 20% off your tarte purchases.

Bare Republic Tinted Mineral Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 -  You can definitely tell it is summer with all the sunscreen moisturizers in boxes right now.  This is quite runny and the wrong shade for me.  There was really not even enough in the tube for more than one application.  They are offering free shipping with code ipsy2015,

Ofra Eyeshadow & Highlighter in Bliss -    ($10)  I like the Ofra brand but I would have liked an actual container for this instead of a plastic casing.  Ofra is offering a 40% discount with the code IPSYOFRA.  Ofra is also animal cruelty free and made in the USA.

Be A Bombshell lip balm in French Kiss -    I am also at my fill for lip balm - this one also contains parabens too, which I greatly dislike.  Be A Bombshell is offering 30% off with code IPSY30.

I think I made the right decision saving my money and cancelling this after a year of subbing.  Each month I was giving more and more away and not buying any of their weekly deals.  I receive higher end products from Birchbox to try out before I buy and their great shop to spend my points in so I am happy with my decision to cancel.

What did you get in your Ipsy?  Are you keeping them as a sub bag? Why or why not?