Friday, July 24, 2015

Wantable: Makeup Edition July 2015

What's in
the box?

Wantable has three regular subscriptions and a fashion workout edit box.  The three that you can choose from each month or have sent to you every month are Makeup, Accessories, and Intimate.  I usually pick either an Accessories or Makeup one; my favorite boxes are the Makeup edition. 

    Wantable is different though - you can skip boxes each month or just have one or two of the selections sent to you.  Now you can also return items you do not like for a partial refund of your box monthly fee, which is $40.  If you keep the whole box, you earn a $4 off coupon on your next Wantable box.

 They always make you feel special at Wantable:

 Each of your boxes will come with a break down of the items - it has retail price and what your refund price would be on it.

Wantable is also nice because you make a Love, Like, and Dislike of products - you will never get anything from your dislike section and always something from your Love section.  I currently have brows, eyeliner, lash products, highlighter, bronzer, and nail products in my Dislike section but I could change it up for next month if I chose.  I have warm, eye shadow and lip color in my Love section.  But I do not think I have every been given a full eye shadow palette - it is usually just one color.  In my Like section, I have complexion products, cool, blush and tools. 

Model Co BB Cream -  ($22) You also put in all your info like skin tone, hair and eye color, and complexion needs so they can always match the makeup to you.  I love getting BB cream because I wear it every day and prefer it to heavy foundations.  This is a win for me.

Doucce Lush Lip Gloss Crimson Light  -  ($22) This is a beautiful tube of lip gloss and between it and my BB cream, I have the value of my box.  I love lip glosses - and this seems so elegant and classy. 

Seta Foundation Brush -   ($20)  I could not find this exact brush online, but their other prices have been right on the money.  I will probably use this for highlighter actually since I prefer the Beauty Blender for my BB creams.

OFRA Lipstick 09 -  ($13.15)  This brand has been very popular in my boxes the last few months.  I have received some lip and eye liner from Little Lace Box as well.  I love this shade and it is one I would have picked out for myself.

Another great hit of a box for me!  My stylist did a great job picking out my items and I love the variety - some people would not like getting a lipstick and a lip gloss, but I often pair them.  The value of my box is $75+ and I paid $36 since I got a box a few months ago.  Wantable never slacks off and the boxes are usually just what I wanted.

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