Friday, July 24, 2015

So Susan Lip Love Subscription JULY

What's in 
the bag?

So Susan is a fun cosmetics company over England that has its own subscription monthly bag.  It is called Lip Love - but you get more than lip products in it.  It is $15.90 a month and they ship overseas to the States for free.  I am crazy about their makeup - it is cruelty free and parabens free.  

One of my favorite things about the Lip Love bag is the bag itself - it is always beautiful with a lovely quote on it.  These bags are little works of art.

The inside card has the same artwork and quote on one side and the breakdown of the bags on the other.  This month's theme was I LOVE LIFE!

 There are always three main items and then two bonus items; with one of the bonuses being an accessory.

 Shadow/Liner by Jelly Pong Pong -  ($16)  I love this brand and I love it when an item can be more than one type of makeup - I do not usually wear eye liner so I love that you can use this as a shadow as well.  If you have not gone out and surfed this makeup site - I encourage you to do so. 

Liquid Powder Shadow Palette in Radiant Glow by So Susan -   ($14.95) There are four versions of this palette and I got the perfect one for me!  I love all of these shades and will use them all.  This is just the perfect size too!  I am crazy about this product! 
"It is infused with radiance-boosting minerals, Vitamin K to alleviate dark circles and Copper Peptide to promote collagen and elastin growth around the delicate eye area. "

Lip Dome in Mango by So Susan -  ($12)  I will probably have the whole set of these in a few months - I received Black Currant in my last month's bag. 

Glow Getter by Jelly Pong Pong -   ($12.95)  I have gotten this product in a past bag but it is so beautiful.   this is a luminizer and it is quite shiny.  

Bonus item: Stay Connected Ring - ($10) The accessory item is usually where I can take or leave something, as is the case here.  I am not sure how you wear this but I will probably be putting it in my swap board on Pinterest.  It just is not me.

This was another great month for Lip Love by So Susan.  I love the makeup products and the bag so much - and I cancelled Ipsy which is about the same price.  There were $65.90 products in total and I paid $15.95.  Beautiful products that are cruelty free.

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