Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday is Monday's Ugly Sister

Lots of news is coming out for deals and sales for this weekend!  Ulta is having lots of sales and specials.  The $12 Lorac Vintage Vixen palette is calling me.  I like Urban Decay's Big Fatty too and it's on sale for $10.

Sephora is of course having good sales this weekend too.  You can join snapchat and follow Sephorasnaps for pics of deals; which I think is really fun! 

BoxyCharm came out with a big spoiler for December and they are really promoting it - I got two e-mails about it.  The Coastal Scents Revealed Palette 2.  I actually got this free with my Birchbox points a few months ago so I will not be jumping on this one but it has lots of people interested.  Just know if you join right now you will get the November box and then be charged again in December for this Revealed box.  

Coastal Scents is one of my favorite little guilty pleasures.  I ordered the Pink Combo set last month and you can read my review here.

I am contemplating subbing to The Little Lace Box.  It is $40 a month, so pricier than other boxes I have joined but the value is there.  I am really loving the reviews I have seen of this one - but November and December have sold out.  I hope to get in for January.

Perfectly Posh is going to have lots of good deals this weekend too.  The Santa's Little Healer will be free with every order from Thursday to Sunday.  You do not add the healer to the cart - our lovely warehouse will put it in your box.  Free Shipping happens on Thursday and Friday.

If you join Perfectly Posh in November, you get the kit plus all chunk bars for $99 plus tax and shipping.  Check it out here.

What are the deals you are excited about this weekend?  Are you going shopping on Thursday?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Musings!

On my list to read is Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?  by Mindy Kaling.  It was the book of the month on Birchbox a few months ago and I did not get to it.  I have heard it is hilarious. 

Urban Decay is one of my favorite cosmetic brands and they are coming out with the coolest little kit.  It has your blush, eye shadow, eye liner, lip gloss, and mascara all in a handy palette.   This is definitely the #1 thing on my list this year.  (Someone tell my husband.)

Ipsy turns 3 in December!  It should be a really fun month - celebrating with them!

Here is the sneak peek they sent to those who have unsubscribed - each Ipster will be getting a tarte deluxe lights, camera, action 4-in-1 mascara and a NYX butter lip balm, along with 3 other items.   tarte and NYX are two more of my fave brands so thrilled with this!  The bag should be super cute too!  If you want to join click here.

SO are you doing any Black Friday shopping?? I am still trying to decide how early I want to venture out.  I enjoy sleeping in more than saving $5. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another Shop Miss A Haul

Miss A is a great website with jewelry and makeup and accessories - and everything is $1!  Another great thing about this site too is that shipping is just $3.95 regardless of how much you buy.

Multi-Chain Link Bracelet - This is a very nice silver bracelet that you can wear with lots of things.  It comes in lots of different colors too.  

Dainty Small Crystal Bracelet-   This looks very nice on and I got it in silver too.  It is sold out right now but the nice thing about Miss A is that stuff comes back into stock pretty fast.  You just have to keep checking on it.

Three Circle Pendant Crystal Cuff Bracelet - I really like this cuff bracelet.  

Elf Shimmering Facial Whip -  This comes in several shades too.   I got the Lilac Petal and I got a few to stock up because these are a great dupe for Benefit's That Gal.

Elf Super Glossy Lip Shine -   The site has a lot of shades of this as well.  I bought the watermelon one.  

Colorful Floral Cosmetic Pouch -   I ordered 3 of the dark pink bags here.  They are all super cute.  The site has a lot of cosmetic bags but they sell out really fast.  

Have you ever ordered from Miss A?  What are your favorite things?  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Citrus Lane November 2014


One of the boxes that I receive that is not makeup related is Citrus Lane.  It is a children's monthly box that you can customize to your child's age.  I have it selected on baby girl right now for the three new baby girls in my family.  

Cloud B Lullaby to Go Lady Bug - ($19.99)  This is super cute and one of the baby girls will love it.  It plays twinkle twinkle little star and the best part is it has an off button.

Bumpkins Starter Bib -   (6.95)  This is perfect because one of the groupings I have for the girls is a plate and utensils set.  I love the pink chevrons too. 

Big and Small Book -   ($4.97)   I also got this cute little board book - it will add nicely to the gift with the lady bug.  I will probably add a blanket to that grouping.  

The boxes lately have added up right to the sub price - so if you are looking for a box with lots of value - this probably is not it.  But it is a fun box to get very month.  Their monthly mystery boxes have a great value - $30 for $60 in products.   Do you get the Citrus Lane box for your kids?  What are their favorite things from the box?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Steals and Deals!

I found these cute nail polishes when I was looking up nail polish that came in the Glossybox.

I am really crazy about pretty blushes.  Laura Mercier has a really pretty one at Nordstrom's that I just fell in love with!  

Sephora is going all out to get you to shop there - spend $25 and pick one of these sample bags with purchase.  They have more photos out there of what comes in each sample bag.  

Elf has this little collection on sale right now for $3 when you spend $25 - use code MERRY.
They have several things in their line that I like.   Their blushes, face whip, and lotion wipes are my go to products.  

I put in another order at Shop Miss A a week ago and got some great bracelets, earrings and makeup.

Do you know of any good deals?  I am always looking for a sale.  

Birchbox November 2014


Birchbox is one of my favorite subscription boxes.  They have great customer service and a point system that beats everyone elses!  Earn points subbing, reviewing, and buying products in their shop. 

Birchbox has a very informative product card that comes in every box to describe the products.

The choice this month was between the Happy Holiday Hacks box or picking from 3 products.  I chose the Happy Holiday Hacks because it had a candle and a lip balm I have been wanting to try.

Mirenesse iCurl Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara -   (full size $35.96)  Really, how cheap must mascara's be?  I get one in about every other sub box!  I have tons.  I will just start gifting them to my sister because I will never get them used up.  I do like this brand - have several items from it.  

AMIKA Perk Up Dry Shampoo-  (full size $21)  This is a cute little bottle and I do use dry shampoo - so this is a win.  The bottle is also cute which means I am more likely to use it.

 Greenleaf Signature Candle in Silver Spruce - (full size $17)  This is a very strong spruce candle.  The scent does grow on you so I think it will be nice to light this holiday season so I can pretend my Christmas tree is real.  

 Dr Jart+ Pore Minimalist Mask -  (full-size $35)  My question is how did they give us a sample of a mask - is it just for one side of your face?  Weird.   I might actually use this one since it is for large pores and has charcoal in it.

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips -   (full-size $14.50)  This is the main reason I chose the OMG box - I have wanted to try this without purchasing the full size.  This is a little bigger than a quarter but should last awhile since you don't use that much on your lips.

After seeing some of the other boxes Birchbox chose for some people this month, I am wishing I had just let them pick.  I think next month I will do that unless the box they put together has more than two items I want in it.  Did you like your box this month?

They came with a cute little sticker too.

Kawaii Box November 2014


KawaiiBox is a super cute subscription that ships monthly.  It is $18.90 a month and comes with 10-12 items from the Blippo.com site.  I am addicted to the cuteness of this box. 

WOW - I am loving this box more than last months!  

 Macaroon Desert Charm -  This is one of my favorite things in the box.  It does have a strong plastic smell.  The cutest part is it unscrews and has a little place to put things in.  I could not find this exact one on the site but they are about $3.

Pocky -   ($5.13)  These are biscuit sticks coated in chocolate.  My daughter latched right on to these and finished them off before I finished taking photos.  

 OMG Key chain -   This is a cute little pink key chain.  I also could not find this on the Blippo site.  It will make a good little stocking stuffer for a niece of mine.

Little Talk Removable adhesive paper -  I love to decorate my Filofax and Smash book so these are perfect for me.  They are small and super cute. 

My Melody socks -  ($10)  These are cute little socks with my favorite character on them but they are not going to fit my feet - another gift for a niece.

2015 Little Sheep Mini Calendar -   ($6.45)  This is probably my favorite item in the box - perfect for my desk at work!  I love this - beyond cute! The little sheep is adorable and it starts with November 2014.  

Bud Silk Stationery Stickers -  Pink bows are on this cute little tape.  I love washi tapes for my Filofax.  

Panda Sitckers -  ($1.58)  These are fantastic!  Love pandas!  Another thing to decorate my hobbies!

Zipper Bracelet - ($2.50)  This is another item my daughter stole right out of the box when she saw it!  It is a fun little zipper bracelet that she is going to use on her backpack.  

Cat Key Chain -   Purple cat key chain is the third thing my daughter popped right out of the box and declared it was hers!  

I could not do a total value on the items in the box as they were not all on the website but it is more than the subscription price.  I got a few gifts for my daughter and my nieces along with several items for my Filofax and Smash book.  Did you get the Kawaii box this month? What did you think?  I cannot wait to see what is in next month's box.