Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kawaii Box November 2014


KawaiiBox is a super cute subscription that ships monthly.  It is $18.90 a month and comes with 10-12 items from the site.  I am addicted to the cuteness of this box. 

WOW - I am loving this box more than last months!  

 Macaroon Desert Charm -  This is one of my favorite things in the box.  It does have a strong plastic smell.  The cutest part is it unscrews and has a little place to put things in.  I could not find this exact one on the site but they are about $3.

Pocky -   ($5.13)  These are biscuit sticks coated in chocolate.  My daughter latched right on to these and finished them off before I finished taking photos.  

 OMG Key chain -   This is a cute little pink key chain.  I also could not find this on the Blippo site.  It will make a good little stocking stuffer for a niece of mine.

Little Talk Removable adhesive paper -  I love to decorate my Filofax and Smash book so these are perfect for me.  They are small and super cute. 

My Melody socks -  ($10)  These are cute little socks with my favorite character on them but they are not going to fit my feet - another gift for a niece.

2015 Little Sheep Mini Calendar -   ($6.45)  This is probably my favorite item in the box - perfect for my desk at work!  I love this - beyond cute! The little sheep is adorable and it starts with November 2014.  

Bud Silk Stationery Stickers -  Pink bows are on this cute little tape.  I love washi tapes for my Filofax.  

Panda Sitckers -  ($1.58)  These are fantastic!  Love pandas!  Another thing to decorate my hobbies!

Zipper Bracelet - ($2.50)  This is another item my daughter stole right out of the box when she saw it!  It is a fun little zipper bracelet that she is going to use on her backpack.  

Cat Key Chain -   Purple cat key chain is the third thing my daughter popped right out of the box and declared it was hers!  

I could not do a total value on the items in the box as they were not all on the website but it is more than the subscription price.  I got a few gifts for my daughter and my nieces along with several items for my Filofax and Smash book.  Did you get the Kawaii box this month? What did you think?  I cannot wait to see what is in next month's box. 

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