Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday is Monday's Ugly Sister

Lots of news is coming out for deals and sales for this weekend!  Ulta is having lots of sales and specials.  The $12 Lorac Vintage Vixen palette is calling me.  I like Urban Decay's Big Fatty too and it's on sale for $10.

Sephora is of course having good sales this weekend too.  You can join snapchat and follow Sephorasnaps for pics of deals; which I think is really fun! 

BoxyCharm came out with a big spoiler for December and they are really promoting it - I got two e-mails about it.  The Coastal Scents Revealed Palette 2.  I actually got this free with my Birchbox points a few months ago so I will not be jumping on this one but it has lots of people interested.  Just know if you join right now you will get the November box and then be charged again in December for this Revealed box.  

Coastal Scents is one of my favorite little guilty pleasures.  I ordered the Pink Combo set last month and you can read my review here.

I am contemplating subbing to The Little Lace Box.  It is $40 a month, so pricier than other boxes I have joined but the value is there.  I am really loving the reviews I have seen of this one - but November and December have sold out.  I hope to get in for January.

Perfectly Posh is going to have lots of good deals this weekend too.  The Santa's Little Healer will be free with every order from Thursday to Sunday.  You do not add the healer to the cart - our lovely warehouse will put it in your box.  Free Shipping happens on Thursday and Friday.

If you join Perfectly Posh in November, you get the kit plus all chunk bars for $99 plus tax and shipping.  Check it out here.

What are the deals you are excited about this weekend?  Are you going shopping on Thursday?

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