Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Old Fashioned Family Christmas


Fortune Cookie Soap box is a quarterly box for $19.99.  This box is now sold out but you can sign up for the spring one here.  Please note they will charge when you sign up, not at the time of shipment.   The nice thing is this box includes a $10 coupon to use on their site at the launch of the new season. 

"I Pledge Allegiance, Amen" Shower Steamer - this smells overly minty but not in a good way.  It is definitely on my just okay list for this box.  This might actually help your sinuses if you steamed with it. 

"Moose Mug" Cuticle Butter -   I was very happy to get a cuticle butter in my box.  I want to compare it to my Posh one.  Rich cream, egg and nutmeg - as in egg nog!  It is a nice aroma and so far I like this cuticle butter. 

Christmas Bonus - Deep Conditioner -   This is fun!  It's a little guess the fragrance and win a $50 gift certificate.  Unfortunately, my sinuses have clogged up my sense of smell.  

"Jello Surprise" Whipped Cream -   There were four selections that could have been in your box this month.  I was really hoping for the Jelly of the Month club that smells like strawberries and vanilla sugar.  I might actually get that with my $10 off coupon.  This says festive plum with a zesty curl of citrus. 

"Sparky" Hydrate Me -  This is a cute, little, light bulb soap smelling of vanilla pumpkin waffles and pecans.  This is a tiny little soap that hydrates your skin.  

"Fried Pussycat" Whipped Soap -  The title on this one is hysterical - and exactly what does Fried Pussycat smell like?? According to Fortune Cookie, it's juicy plum and whipped caramel wrapped in artisan bourbon vanilla and jasmine blossoms.  WOW!  I really like the smell on this one - it is the Plum that is overpowering.  NICE! 

"Mele Kelekimaka" OCD Hand Sanitizer -  This one is described as tropical spiced rum, jasmine florals and woodsy.   I do not know that this smells very Hawaiian but it isn't an unpleasant odor. 

"Tis the Season to be Mary" Fortune Cookie Soap -  Every box includes one of these and they are my favorite thing in the box!  The aroma is sweet almond and tobacco - yes, tobacco!  Not really a scent I enjoy but it does not take over the almonds. 

Taking into account all things, it was not a bad box - some of the smells were not my favorite but I like the variety of items.   It did put me in the mood for Christmas!  So excited to decorate this year!  

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