Saturday, August 30, 2014


Another Saturday is upon us and this is the makeup wrap-up for the week of things that are on my to get list or watch for list!

Urban Decay is one of my favorite makeup lines!  They have 3 big pallets and they just added a second basics pallet.  These are a bit more reasonable in price.  I like this basics one better than the first because the color range is bigger.  Basics 1, shown below, has three colors that are so close I would probably never use them all up before I emptied the darker shades.  Basics 2 is definitely the next pallet I will be buying!

My next watch for item is something I saw on a Facebook group page I am a member of - and I do not even know what the items are but I love them!  So cute and must have for any makeup collector!

 Not a make-up item, but something that has been on my radar for awhile now are the Pura Vida bracelets out of Costa Rica!  These are so cool!  They are so well made and waterproof and I am in love with several stacks!  They are kind of pricey but if you can get them on a sale, they are reasonable.  I got the below Pink Stack for $32 on a Fourth of July sale.  So lucky!  

So I was super excited to find out Birchbox was offering a stack as a Plus item; which means you pay a little more to add it to your box for the month.  This is the stack they are selling and it was only $24 to add it to my box!  I love all the colors in this one too!  
They are doing a free shipping bonus this weekend - OHSHIP gets you free shipping Labor Day weekend.

Pura Vida does sell them in singles but I think the Style packs are the way to go!  So pretty all together!  So there is just a couple more stack on my list to get.  I really want the blue stack below and there is a melon stack I have been drooling over too!

And finally, the following websites are ones I watch for great deals or love to surf because of their great deals:  - tons of items all for $1 ; shipping just $4


I cannot figure out how to link my old blogsite to this one so here is the link to read my past blogs!  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Sentiments!

It's Sunday... again!  Yesterday I made a trip to one of my fave stores:  TJ MAXX!  I was looking for the Turkish towels and they did not disappoint!  I found a green set that I just loved for only $6.99.  

I also picked up a cute blue mason jar with soap in it for the kitchen!  Love the little thing!  And a super good price!

And lastly, a thing of hair ties for my daughter - I thought this pack was super cute and I think the pink one is the only one she will give up!  These were only $2.99 for 5.

My Splendies monthly subscription box came in!  I got 3 new pairs of cute undies.  They are so soft too!  

I am still loving my Pura Vida stack bracelets and the great deal I got!  I paid $32 for this stack and it is much higher than this!  Waiting on another sale like this to get the blue stack I have been eyeing.  

Benefit has teamed up with Birchbox to offer a contest = you and 5 friends can win Benefit products at a party!  I am super excited and I hope I win this contest - they are giving them out to 1000 people! I do wish some of the products were full size instead of their little samples (they have the smallest sample sizes I have ever seen but unlike other companies, there is a lot of product in that little sample!)  Click here to enter.  Only one entry per person.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Fall '14


"Soon you will feel nothing at all, except beautiful wickedness"

Fortune Cookie Box is $19.99 and ships quarterly.  It comes with 8 samples of items from their store and a $10 gift card to spend.  Great deal! 

The Theme this month was Witch Please - from Wizard of Oz.  Their cute little return label clued you in on the theme of the box.  

First look!  Could not wait to move that card and see what goodies my box had. 

These boxes come with a very detailed card; it tells you what each item is with a photo and how to use.  I was very impressed with their info card!  On the back is the code to use in their store for the $10 off.  The names of these items are super cute too!

"ROY G BIV OCD HAND SANITIZER -   It took a little while for the alcohol smell to go away on this but after that it smelled woodsy and the outdoors.  

"Green is the New Black" Whipped Cream -  There were four different variations you could have received in your box and this is the one I got.  And am I glad I did!! WOW!! The pumpkin pie smell is amazing!   I think all of them had the pumpkin smell included but I got the really sweet smelling one which is perfect for me!

"Swankified" Walnut Face Scrub -  How cute is that name??  It smells like bananas and walnuts!  YUMMY!  Better not eat it though!  Cannot wait to try this scrub!  

"Hair Flip" Hair oil -   This smells like hazelnut and vanilla - loved it on my hair too - I used it on the ends and liked the way it made my hair look.  Plus the smell is amazing so now my hair smells that way!  It says just two drops is enough so this will last awhile.

"The Shiz" Perfume Oil -   This is probably my least favorite item in the box - it is a woodsy, floral scent that made my allergies go crazy.  I am sure some people would love it and I will be passing it on to a friend.  

"Flying Monkeys" Personal Space Air Freshener -  This was my favorite item in the box, next to the cookie soap, because of the great fruity smell!  Bananas, watermelon and peaches with a touch of jasmine!  Love this little guy!

"Miss Popular" Bubble Bath -  This bath salt was a bit too floraly for me so I will pass it on to one of my sisters who likes florals.  It smells like violets and jasmine.

"There's no Place Like Home" Fortune Cookie Soap - My favorite thing in the box!  It's a cute little fortune cookie soap that smells like apples and cinnamon.  My fortune said "Wasting Time is an important part of living."  I do a lot of that kind of living!  Pinterest is my favorite way to waste time!

I was extremely pleased with the value of this box!  And on top of that, I have another $10 to spend in their store!  

If you want to join this, do not wait - these sell out very quickly!  I actually joined the subscription in time for the summer box but it was sold out already so I had to wait for the Fall box to ship.  It looks like this box is already sold out but do not wait too long to sign up for the winter box that ships November 2nd!  You will be sad if it sells out!  Their Christmas boxes are amazing and I cannot wait to see what is mine!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts


I made a run to JC Penney the other day, and that means a trip to SEPHORA!  I love being a Beauty Insider.  The SummerStash set that I have been eyeing since the beginning of summer has come down to $25 so I picked that up.  I also scored some samples from the loveliest team member there. I got a mask, a moisturizer, and a couple of packets of night creme.  The SummerStash bag had Urban Decay setting spray, an eye liner, a Stila eyeshadow, a Nars bronzer, Benefit It's Real mascara, a lip stain with brush, and a nail polish.

These flowers are beautiful and they are blooming right now in my yard!  I don't know what they are called but they are my favorite summer blooming flower.

I was surfing the Perfectly Posh site and found this gem!  UnRadical is a portable balm that smells amazing.  It has Essential Oils and shea butter for detoxing.  I love it!

Birchbox August 2014


Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that is only $10 a month.  If you do a review on the items in the box, you can earn points to spend in their store.  100 points = $10 to spend - every review earns you 10 points.  I like to save up my points to get something from the store I would not spend the money on normally.

They gave a choice this month of choosing between three makeup items or the Everygirl box, where you know the 5 items that will be in the box.  Since I was not interested in the the 3 makeup choices, I chose the Everygirl box. 

The first glance:

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub  - This is actually what I was most excited about in this box - this contains no parabens. sulfates and parabens and since I started selling Perfectly Posh, that is more important to me now.  I want to stay away from those chemicals.  This is a very nice size sample, too, for face wash.

Not Soap Radio -  This soap smells amazing!  Lemony fresh!  And also Paraben free!  I do like the size sample this time too!  Usually there is a small sample when it is shower gel!  This will last a few times.

 Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner -  I have wanted to try this since it came out!  It is a very small sample though!  Benefit has teeny tiny samples!  And the full size of anything costs about $30.  I wish they would lower their prices. 

Hello! Harvey Prince - I usually do not like getting samples of perfume because they are usually overly flowery and bother my asthma.  This one is fantastic!  I love this perfume!  There is a hint of floral but it is fresh smelling with a hint of lemon and grapefruit. 

 Number 4 Prep & Protect -  I received this in my mystery free pack when I ordered products from the store last month.  I love how it makes my hair feel!  You put into your wet hair after a shower and come it through and leave it in.  My hair felt so soft. 

This was my favorite box bar none!  I loved every product and am very happy Birchbox gave me this choice this month!  Keep it up, Birchbox!  You have a loyal customer here.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Thoughts


(Post contains affiliate links.)

Those that know me, know I am a HUGE Disney fan - since childhood!  Love the Disney movies, the theme parks, the characters, the merch... everything!  So when ELF started making a makeup line for the Disney princesses - HELLO!  Jennifer's name was all over that!  These sets are only available at WALGREENS!  Love this!  I cannot wait to see which princesses get the kits.

Last month was the ARIEL collection - filled with makeup from the sea colors - beautiful pinks and sea blues.  I bought the lipstick and stain set as well as the eye shadow set.  To see my earlier review on the ARIEL collection, click here.

This month was SNOW WHITE - and how cute a set was it!  This was my favorite bag of the group - Snow White kissing Dopey! 

And this is the make-up sets I snagged.  The blush and bronzer  with the cute little brush was my favorite.  But I could not pass up the lip pen and lipgloss with a little stain jar .  The mascara and eye shadows finished it out nicely.

I sell Perfectly Posh as an Independent Consultant and we are right in the middle of a launch of 46 new products!   The spoiler last night was the Chunk Bar Sugar Cookie!  WOW!  Cannot wait to use this bath bar!  Check out all the new Posh items here.  I will be blogging about all of them soon!

And finally, a little reminder from the wise words of a book I read: