Saturday, August 30, 2014


Another Saturday is upon us and this is the makeup wrap-up for the week of things that are on my to get list or watch for list!

Urban Decay is one of my favorite makeup lines!  They have 3 big pallets and they just added a second basics pallet.  These are a bit more reasonable in price.  I like this basics one better than the first because the color range is bigger.  Basics 1, shown below, has three colors that are so close I would probably never use them all up before I emptied the darker shades.  Basics 2 is definitely the next pallet I will be buying!

My next watch for item is something I saw on a Facebook group page I am a member of - and I do not even know what the items are but I love them!  So cute and must have for any makeup collector!

 Not a make-up item, but something that has been on my radar for awhile now are the Pura Vida bracelets out of Costa Rica!  These are so cool!  They are so well made and waterproof and I am in love with several stacks!  They are kind of pricey but if you can get them on a sale, they are reasonable.  I got the below Pink Stack for $32 on a Fourth of July sale.  So lucky!  

So I was super excited to find out Birchbox was offering a stack as a Plus item; which means you pay a little more to add it to your box for the month.  This is the stack they are selling and it was only $24 to add it to my box!  I love all the colors in this one too!  
They are doing a free shipping bonus this weekend - OHSHIP gets you free shipping Labor Day weekend.

Pura Vida does sell them in singles but I think the Style packs are the way to go!  So pretty all together!  So there is just a couple more stack on my list to get.  I really want the blue stack below and there is a melon stack I have been drooling over too!

And finally, the following websites are ones I watch for great deals or love to surf because of their great deals:  - tons of items all for $1 ; shipping just $4

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