Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Fall '14


"Soon you will feel nothing at all, except beautiful wickedness"

Fortune Cookie Box is $19.99 and ships quarterly.  It comes with 8 samples of items from their store and a $10 gift card to spend.  Great deal! 

The Theme this month was Witch Please - from Wizard of Oz.  Their cute little return label clued you in on the theme of the box.  

First look!  Could not wait to move that card and see what goodies my box had. 

These boxes come with a very detailed card; it tells you what each item is with a photo and how to use.  I was very impressed with their info card!  On the back is the code to use in their store for the $10 off.  The names of these items are super cute too!

"ROY G BIV OCD HAND SANITIZER -   It took a little while for the alcohol smell to go away on this but after that it smelled woodsy and the outdoors.  

"Green is the New Black" Whipped Cream -  There were four different variations you could have received in your box and this is the one I got.  And am I glad I did!! WOW!! The pumpkin pie smell is amazing!   I think all of them had the pumpkin smell included but I got the really sweet smelling one which is perfect for me!

"Swankified" Walnut Face Scrub -  How cute is that name??  It smells like bananas and walnuts!  YUMMY!  Better not eat it though!  Cannot wait to try this scrub!  

"Hair Flip" Hair oil -   This smells like hazelnut and vanilla - loved it on my hair too - I used it on the ends and liked the way it made my hair look.  Plus the smell is amazing so now my hair smells that way!  It says just two drops is enough so this will last awhile.

"The Shiz" Perfume Oil -   This is probably my least favorite item in the box - it is a woodsy, floral scent that made my allergies go crazy.  I am sure some people would love it and I will be passing it on to a friend.  

"Flying Monkeys" Personal Space Air Freshener -  This was my favorite item in the box, next to the cookie soap, because of the great fruity smell!  Bananas, watermelon and peaches with a touch of jasmine!  Love this little guy!

"Miss Popular" Bubble Bath -  This bath salt was a bit too floraly for me so I will pass it on to one of my sisters who likes florals.  It smells like violets and jasmine.

"There's no Place Like Home" Fortune Cookie Soap - My favorite thing in the box!  It's a cute little fortune cookie soap that smells like apples and cinnamon.  My fortune said "Wasting Time is an important part of living."  I do a lot of that kind of living!  Pinterest is my favorite way to waste time!

I was extremely pleased with the value of this box!  And on top of that, I have another $10 to spend in their store!  

If you want to join this, do not wait - these sell out very quickly!  I actually joined the subscription in time for the summer box but it was sold out already so I had to wait for the Fall box to ship.  It looks like this box is already sold out but do not wait too long to sign up for the winter box that ships November 2nd!  You will be sad if it sells out!  Their Christmas boxes are amazing and I cannot wait to see what is mine!

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