Thursday, August 14, 2014

Birchbox August 2014


Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that is only $10 a month.  If you do a review on the items in the box, you can earn points to spend in their store.  100 points = $10 to spend - every review earns you 10 points.  I like to save up my points to get something from the store I would not spend the money on normally.

They gave a choice this month of choosing between three makeup items or the Everygirl box, where you know the 5 items that will be in the box.  Since I was not interested in the the 3 makeup choices, I chose the Everygirl box. 

The first glance:

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub  - This is actually what I was most excited about in this box - this contains no parabens. sulfates and parabens and since I started selling Perfectly Posh, that is more important to me now.  I want to stay away from those chemicals.  This is a very nice size sample, too, for face wash.

Not Soap Radio -  This soap smells amazing!  Lemony fresh!  And also Paraben free!  I do like the size sample this time too!  Usually there is a small sample when it is shower gel!  This will last a few times.

 Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner -  I have wanted to try this since it came out!  It is a very small sample though!  Benefit has teeny tiny samples!  And the full size of anything costs about $30.  I wish they would lower their prices. 

Hello! Harvey Prince - I usually do not like getting samples of perfume because they are usually overly flowery and bother my asthma.  This one is fantastic!  I love this perfume!  There is a hint of floral but it is fresh smelling with a hint of lemon and grapefruit. 

 Number 4 Prep & Protect -  I received this in my mystery free pack when I ordered products from the store last month.  I love how it makes my hair feel!  You put into your wet hair after a shower and come it through and leave it in.  My hair felt so soft. 

This was my favorite box bar none!  I loved every product and am very happy Birchbox gave me this choice this month!  Keep it up, Birchbox!  You have a loyal customer here.

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