Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Sentiments!

It's Sunday... again!  Yesterday I made a trip to one of my fave stores:  TJ MAXX!  I was looking for the Turkish towels and they did not disappoint!  I found a green set that I just loved for only $6.99.  

I also picked up a cute blue mason jar with soap in it for the kitchen!  Love the little thing!  And a super good price!

And lastly, a thing of hair ties for my daughter - I thought this pack was super cute and I think the pink one is the only one she will give up!  These were only $2.99 for 5.

My Splendies monthly subscription box came in!  I got 3 new pairs of cute undies.  They are so soft too!  

I am still loving my Pura Vida stack bracelets and the great deal I got!  I paid $32 for this stack and it is much higher than this!  Waiting on another sale like this to get the blue stack I have been eyeing.  

Benefit has teamed up with Birchbox to offer a contest = you and 5 friends can win Benefit products at a party!  I am super excited and I hope I win this contest - they are giving them out to 1000 people! I do wish some of the products were full size instead of their little samples (they have the smallest sample sizes I have ever seen but unlike other companies, there is a lot of product in that little sample!)  Click here to enter.  Only one entry per person.

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