Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kawaii Box 2015

What's in
the box?

Kawaii Box is the cutest box of fun accessories I have ever seen.  These items are from Japan and Korea.  It is $18.90 a month and there is free shipping. 

Banana Plush Charm - ($4.50)  This is really fun! I love the little Kawaii banana.

Harakuja Sweet Crepe Charm - ($1.80)  This box usually has a small charm and I love this months.

Alpaca Eraser ($1.90)  These came in three colors and I love that I got my favorite color, blue.  I think I need the other two now.

Leatherette Alpaca Cardholder -   ($7.90)  This is probably my favorite thing in the box.  I can put this on one of my purses.  The perfect little accessory.

Rilakkuma Mimi Letter Set -   This little set is the only item I could not find on the site but I bet it is under $3.  I love it too - it is perfect for my pocket letters.  This is a very popular bear overseas. 

Chima Chima Friends - Alpaca and Sheep Stickers -  ($1.60) I have loved stickers since I found out what they were - probably at 3.  These are puffy and adorable!  AND there are TONS of them! LOVE!

Neon Bow Hair Band -   ($1.80) This is probably the item I like the least.  It will probably used more to decorate something or will be added to one of my pocket letters.

Okitoki Notebook Set -  ($5.90)  I would have loved to get this when I was a kid.  It has a little cord to hang on your neck, a notebook, and a pen.

Squishy Neko Ribbon Donut ($3.40)  I love this!  It is big and squishy!  I thought it was a bagel at first, but since it has colored sprinkles, my daughter guessed it was a donut.

Colorful Animal Friends Ink Pen (Cat) -  ($2)  There are several of these on the website to choose from - I like the panda and bear ones the best. 

Small Chocolate Mirror and Comb  ($3.30) I got the pink chocolate but there is also a brown one.  I had no clue what this was when I first saw it.  I thought they were pink wafers but no clue that it had a comb and mirror in it.

Meiji Petit Gum - Soda -  ($ 4.90)  There is always a candy item in the box and this time it is gum.  My daughter will love this.

They also sent us an ad for the new box on the Blippo site - the Japan Candy Box.  This box is $19.90 a month and you can cancel at any time.  I like that all three sites take PayPal. 

What a great month of cuteness!  I am happy I signed back up to get this - it has office accessories, stickers, charms, and candy.  What more do you want in a Kawaii box? This box had a value of over $40, which is twice the cost of the box.

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