Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lip Love Subscription by So Susan JUNE 2015

What's in
the bag? 

One of the international sub boxes I subscribe to is from the makeup company So Susan from England - they have a bag that is called Lip Love that is $15.99 a month and has such fun goodies in it!  This month is the I love Tea Time Bag.

Like Ipsy, every month has a bag in it.  And these always have a nice quote - this month's:

"Worrying is worthless.  Drink your tea slowly and reverently, without rushing toward the future... Live the actual moment. by Thich Nhat Hanh

There is always a card listing all of the goodies in the bag and their value.  They are always dead on on the prices - they do not inflate them to make you think you are getting a real deal.

I love the fun quotes and artwork they add to every bag.

Paradaise Pigments in Cake Pop by Jelly Pong Pong -   ($20)  This is the cutest lip stain dish - love the ice cream sundaes on it.  It is a bright coral color and you can use it on cheeks and lips. This also comes in Fig Jam, which is the hot pink version.

 So Susan Lip Dome in Black Current -  ($12)  I love the shade of this - it is a very nice burgundy.   It is also a lip plumping hybrid lip stain and lip balm. I might have to get a few more of the colors.  I also like the melon one.

Bare Necessities by Jelly Pong Pong - ($18) This does so much for one little pencil!  It is a highlighter, eye shadow base, waterliner, and concealer in one.  I have been looking for a good waterliner and I think I found it!  This is so soft too - did not hurt my eyes to apply it.

S Susan Cashmere Blush -   ($16) This is listed as a bonus item and am I glad they threw it in the bag!  I love blush!  This one is so pretty! Of course, I love the packaging!

Infinity Earrings -   ($10)  This is another bonus item - every bag contains an extra accessory item like this.  I love these - they are such a pretty pink color.

This is my favorite bag so far from So Susan - and the past bags have been very good!  I can use every item in this bag and I love them all.  The value of this bag was $76.  This is well worth the price to sub and it helps you find some really good products - these are all cruelty free and parabens free. 

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