Friday, July 24, 2015


Loving that this is Friday and I have the whole weekend to create, plan, and shop!  I did go out to the Chanrio site and make myself one.  I was a bit disappointed I could not find red hair.  Maybe I was not looking in the right place, I do not know.   This is me - blue eyes, earrings, a cute necklace and a coffee cup in my hand.

I have really been getting into the world of Planners lately.  I had know clue how extensive this world can be - there are more planners out there than I ever realized.  I started about two years ago with a personal Filofax that I bought on Amazon. 

I discovered Midori's too - and that many people have taken their own spin on these - you can not only get leather ones, but there are plastic, paper, and cloth ones.  This is my holy grail item right now - a Confetti-dori from this woman in Australia.   Teddi's Etsy shop only opens every time she is ready to sew more for everyone. 

There is also this fun thing called Listers that started in groups of planner societies - You get a prompt of what to make a list of for the month.   Reset Girl started this one I am currently doing.   I am hoping to have my MIL make me a dori to put these books in.

Target back to school section was a fun place to find goodies this year.  I found this lovely pencil bag that I am using to keep my personal Filofax in.  It is so pretty!

I also found these great fox folders - which I am using to sort my lists and projects.

I have fallen in love with Washi tape and look for it in every store I go in - this is my red collection.

The Planner Society is a good place to find information and look for products.  I made a folder for my Filofax from one of their videos on Youtube.

Christy also goes into how to make Washi tape cards to put in your planner.   I like the idea of not having to carry my Washi tape faves around with my planner. 


 So those are things I have been crafting and buying lately.  Have you found any new hobbies you are excited about?


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