Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ink & Wink September Kit 2015

What's in
the box?

Ink & Wink is a subscription box for planner junkies.  You request an invitation to join and when they have spots available, they send you an email to purchase the monthly box.  It is $23 a month and that includes shipping.  There were variations in every item of the box except the Ariel bookmark and the Masking Sticker Set.

Glitter Zebra Striped Washi Tape -   ($1.98)  What planner junkie kit would be complete without washi tape?  I do not have anything like this so it is perfect for me.

Trees and Children Washi Tape -   ($2.50)  I love this washi tape - I had never seen it before getting this kit.  It is my favorite item in the box.

Ariel Bookmark -  ($2.95)  This is handrawn by an artist named Dalyn and her work is just beautiful.  This bookmark is the reason I snatched up the Ink & Wink kit - I love it!  She has more great artwork on her site so check it out.  There was a coupon code as well to get a discount in her shop.

Masking Sticker Set -  ($1.99)  These are like washi tapes on a card.  There are 27 sheets of different designs with slim, regular size and dots.  There are lots of versions of this set on Etsy and they range is price. 

Rilakkuma Cream Bear Paper Clip - ($3.12) I am so happy this is the one I received in the box.  It is the cutest!  I will use it with my new Hello Kitty travel notebook.

Kitty House-it Note Pad -  ($1.75) I have been looking at these online but I think it will be a perfect gift to include in a pocket letter for my cousin who loves cats. 

Lion and Lion Cub Note Pads -  ($1.80)  I cannot believe I do not own any of these.  They are so cute and fun!   There is a whole line of different animals to collect.

Cat One Point Marker  ($2.20)  More fun page markers!  I love these cats so much and the colors are so pretty. 

Yellow Marker -  I like getting markers in boxes because it does not happen often.  I am not sure what company makes these and I could not find any info on them online.

Orange Macaroon -  ($3.50) This cute little macaroon trinket box was also included.  I have a few of these but not this color so this was perfect.

Hawaii Paper Party Card Candies -    These are the other hand made items in the kit.  These little goodies can be used to make paperclips, decorate your planners, scrapbooking or card decorating.  There was also a coupon code for this shop in the box.

 The only thing I am a little concerned about is that the website says you will get 12-14 items in the box - I received 10 unless she is counting those three little paper embellishments individually.  I believe that is stretching it - and the value was hard to figure out but it is close to what you pay for the box.  I do like the items she has enclosed in her kit. 

Purchased.  All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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