Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday is Monday's Ugly Sister

Fun Birthday weekend!  I got several items on my wishlist - a laminate machine and several Sephora gift cards to shop for the makeup I wanted.   I also had Cinderella DVD and a Sherlock Funko POP on my list and I received both of those items.  I need to update this for Christmas - the Marion Smith Designs planner is still on the list!

I had a lot of fun laminating the goodies I have been saving for when I got one.  There were a lot of die cuts that I wanted to laminate so they stayed nice in my planners and were reusable.

I also made some A5 dividers for my Marion Smith planner I am waiting on - they are from a Princess Bride calendar.   Someone on Facebook posted how they had turned an old Audrey Hepburn calendar into dividers and I had to try it with my calendar!


My Viedori finally arrived after having shipping issues - Mr Sly is adorable and I had so much fun filling him with goodies.  These are $29 a piece but she often does sales - check out her Facebook page as well to follow her.

I got a great buy at TJ Maxx - found some large notebooks 3 for $4.99 and cut them down to fit in my travel notebooks.  I bought two packages of them so 2 can go in each of my travel notebooks.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday - any crafty ideas to share?

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