Sunday, October 4, 2015

Saturday and Sundays are my Favorite!

It has been a long week and I was happy to get to the weekend!  

I had a mini haul run Friday night and I am excited to share all of my goodies!  

First I hit the Dollar Tree on the lookout for these clips that planner girls use in their travel notebooks to help hold the books flat so you can decorate or journal.  Someone online mentioned they had seen them by the registers and there they were.  I picked up two bags just in case - and also to pass them on to other planner girls I know.

I also went down the sticker aisle to check on the new ones.  They had restocked the owls I looked for last time I was there.

My little nephew is a sticker collector too so I grabbed him a few sheets.

I found some Halloween stickers in boxes that another planner girl had mentioned would decorate a planner really well since they are so small.  I will also add these to my candy bowl at Halloween.

The stickers fit perfectly in my little planner card holder from The Planner Society Kit.

I love that you can grab tons of goodies at the Dollar Tree and not spend much.  I am excitedly waiting for a Tutti Frutti planner kit from Happie Scrappie and picked up these note pads to go with the kit.

I spent under $12 on all of these goodies. (The notepads are not in the photo.)  I check out the Dollar Tree every couple weeks on that search for Washi tape but I have never found any there.

Target is another one of my favorite places to shop when I just want to walk around and see what is new in the store.

Of course, the Dollar Spot is the first place I check out in Target - I have heard a rumor that they are doing away with this section! WHAT>?????  I will not like this at all - I find some great planner goodies in this section.  I grabbed this larger file folder to hold my larger sticker pages.  I have the smaller one for my die-cuts.

There is a new plaid collection and they have these adorable initial mugs.  So happy they had this pretty blue - the photo does not do that blue justice.

I am always on the lookout for a cart similar to the Raskog cart by IKEA but still have not found one - someone online had mentioned getting one for $20 there.  No luck at my Target but I did find these white tins for organizing when I do get a cart.

Halloween Washi tape!  I have been looking all over for this tape.  They had one roll left and I grabbed it up!

I started the Listers Gotta List challenge again for October and I needed a notebook to start listing.  I love the notebook section at Target.  They are really fun and have lots of choices.  This one has blue colored pages.  There is a notebook there too that is a listers book with prompts - so on my wishlist.

I also found the pineapple little 1 inch notebook I have been looking for at Target.  They had inserts for it that I picked up as well but I am going to look around for some cuter ones.

I am still decorating my office and I found some fox canvas art.  My office has been mostly the mint color in the art but I want to add some yellows.

I had a fun time perusing Target for all these great products.

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