Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Musings!

So my March Madness bracket ended over the weekend when Wisconsin beat Kentucky.  I had no one else in the final four and did not pick Wisconsin to play in the final game.  It was fun to play though.  I stayed about middle until the final game.  Now, I will be rooting for the Wisconsin Badgers since they are Big 10 - although I almost went to Duke, so there is some loyalty there.  I do wish they made the Badgers a little cuter. 

Too Faced is one of the brands I really love!  I was shopping in my local JC Penney Sephora and picked out my favorite shade of the Melted long wear lipstick.  Chihuahua is the shade and it is beautiful.  If you try any of them, check this one out.  For the $21, it is worth the hype.  

April is here!  And it is so pretty!  I love Spring! My Paris calendar at work has the prettiest photos this month.  I wish I was sitting in that chair at a little outside coffee house in Paris looking up at the Eiffel Tower, like I did when I was 16 all those years ago. 

I am excited about all the boxes coming soon!  PopSugar is on its way to my door and I am super excited.  This box is such a tease!  There are rarely any spoilers - usually it is someone posting their whole box before you can see what is inside one.  There is a May box spoiler out there - A Kitsch necklace. 

I have a few beauty orders still on their way to my door from Ulta.  I am also excited about my Birchbox order and plus order.  Then end of them month will be Wantable makeup box and the Little Lace Box.  I also subscribed to SoSusan for $15.99 to see how those bags are.  It should be a fun month of boxes.

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