Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So Susan's Lip Love!

What's in
the bag?

So Susan Lip Love's subscription bag was a great way to end my Tuesday!  This bag is $15.95 a month.  You can skip a month or send your month's bag to a friend!  How fun is that?  Many of the products are Paraben and Phthalates free.  This company is a cruelty free one too.

This package ships from England - I love that my package said Royal Mail on it!  The product card in the bag is so pretty and I love the quote on it. 

The card says this is the I Love Flowers in Spring bag.  It lists all the bag contents and the prices. 

Eco-Chic Canvas Makeup Bag - ($12)  The designs on these bags are fantastic.  I love this bag - and its quote.  It is so me!   I am excited to see what next bag will look like.

Wonderlight (Luminizer and Brightening Base) in Bronze Wonder -  ($17.95)  This is a stick with luminizer on one end and a base stick on the other.  I love the packaging on this too - so cute!

Colour Hybrid -   ($17.50)  This product is a lip and cheek mousse.  I love the packaging.  

8-Hour Cheek Stain in Orchid -   ($30)  I really like this blush stick - it is so pretty and I love the shade. The boxes for these products are works of art!  I love this one.

Bonus items:

Jelly Pong Pong's Caribbean Sun - ($25)  This is a bronzer duo.  I need to watch a video to see how you are supposed to use these - and read if a pale skin person can pull this off.

Happy Daisies Flower Grips - ($6)  These are cute little barrettes that I will be passing on to a friend's daughters.  They are such a pretty purple flower.

 The value on this bag was $96.50.  I am so happy I cancelled my Ipsy bag to join this one.  

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