Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Little Lace Box April Review 2015

What's in
the box?

Little Lace Box has changed up its subscription box and will no longer be sending monthly boxes.  This was the last one and the next box ships in June to start the every other month box system.  I am excited I was in on this box early!  It is one of my favorites.

April's theme is Nonna's Kitchen - items in the box represent items that remind them of their grandmother.  I feel like this box was shipped to me from Italy - love it!

Olive Oil Dipping Bowls by Le Cadeaux -  ($15.99)  Another nice thing about the Little Lace Box is that if you just adore what you got in the box, you can purchase it in their store!  Say you need eight more of these to complete your set - go right over and buy them! I am not sure how long products stay in the store, but right after the launch of the box, I know they are there.  These are the prettiest dipping bowls I have seen and I will enjoy dipping my breads in them! 

Porcelain Jewelry Dish by Artisan Janelle Beaulieu - ($14.99) The sweetest story came with this and I am excited to have one of my very own for my future grandchildren to remember me by!  I do take off my jewelry before working on things in the kitchen so this will get a lot of use.  Just Beautiful!

Tea Towel by Belle & Union Co -  ($14.99)  This is probably the only item I was not that excited about - I would have preferred a design that went more with the theme of the box.  They do have some really cute ones in their shop - go see the Whimsical Recipe Tea Towels.

Market List Notepad by Brianna -   ($4.99)  This was created to go along with the tea towel.  I love making lists!  

Filotea Pennette della Domenica from Marx Foods -   ($8.99) I am planning a great little Italian dinner with all the goodies in this box and I really only have to buy a few items!  This was picked for us by some girls who know pasta so I am excited to try it.

Gourmet Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar by The Ancient Olive -  ($13.99) My husband was very excited to see these bottles - he loves to cook fancy stuff.  I like to watch him cook! These were bottled just for us. 

Cucina Dish Soap from Fruits & Passion -   ($8.99)  I love that they included us a cute bottle of dish soap - I end up doing the dishes because my hubby does the cooking.  This smells amazing too!

Trentasette Red Pesto with Truffles from Marx Foods -   ($ 8.99) This will be fun to dip my Italian bread in this during my Italian dinner!  This sounds amazing!

Ancient Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar - ($13.99)  An item that was not included is a full size bottle of our choice of Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar.  They gave us a code for this in the shop because due to the West Coast dock strikes, the bottles were held up.  I got a code to go in and have this sent to me free of charge.  I love this box! 

What a great value box!  I paid $39.99 for this and the value is over $100.  I feel like they shipped their Italian grandma's kitchen to my door.   This was a fantastically curated box.  

Ladies, I am giving you the heads up now - go buy the box that ships in June - the theme is Classy and Fabulous!  "Our June box will shower you with inspiration and accessories to glam up your summer style and take you from day to dinner."

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