Monday, April 20, 2015

L'OCCIBOX Spring Collection by L'Occtaine

What's in
the box?

L'Occtaine has a Spring collection box and sells for $48 but with code SUGAR, you can get the box for $20 plus shipping.  I missed the last one and was really upset so as soon as I saw it, I bought it.  This is still for sale.  The whole box smelled of roses as I opened it.  I am also a lover of all things French!

First look:

 L'Occtane Serum - ($16)  The full size of this is $70 so it will probably not be purchased but I am interested in trying it.   It is an anti-aging serum.

Bonne Merre Rose Soap -   ($7)  This is a very pretty soap!  I love both sides of it and it smells like roses - hence the name. 

Champagne Bears - ($8)  I first thought these were bubble bath bears but they are a snack - a champagne gummy bear.  Gummy bears are one of my favorites and having a champagne flavored box of them is fantastic!  I just might eat these in my bubble bath surrounded by candlelight and drinking a glass of wine.

Shea Whipped Hand Cream -  ($12)  This is a nice sized tube and I love the packaging. I love Shea butter and it is whipped. 

 Shea Butter Hand Cream -   ($3.50)  This is a smaller tube and is for dry skin.  I have a lot of hand creams but I will check this out. 

The value of this is dead on without the coupon so I am glad I had it.  This was a fun Spring box that smells just like a flower garden.

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