Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What I am Lovin' Wednesday!

 Happy Wednesday, Owl!

I'm Loving..

Perfectly Posh's All Mixd Ups!  They come in a ton of fragrances and effects.  This is the grouping I bought for $20 and I love all of them!  The Yellow ones are the effects - Soothe Move is an oatmeal bath and the Muscle Through is for muscle soreness.    The Pink ones are fragrances.  You can mix the two so you get the smell you want with the effect.  There are enough in each for 3 baths.

I'm Loving...

This dress a blogger posted on Instagram.  It makes me want to be a princess and have a huge ball that I have to wear this gown to.  Wouldn't that be amazing???  Prince Charming would be there of course to whisk me around the dance floor and into his heart!

I'm Loving...

I am loving these Cute Girl bags I found on Amazon to bag up my Posh sales.  How retro cute are they?

I'm Loving...

This young man right here.  My son is an amazing guy and he makes me so proud.  He is a three sport athlete who puts his heart into everything he does.  He just got his driver's license too so more reasons to worry!  He will make the Army a fine soldier one day!

I'm Loving...

Benefit's Majorette cheek balm - peach magic!  I really want this - hoping I get it for my birthday or at least a gift card so I can get it somewhere!  Love the packaging - the color - must have item of the month!

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