Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blue Velveteen September 2014


Blue Velveteen is a brand new subscription box that started this month!  It is $10 a month. They had kind of a rocky start - their initial box was given to several bloggers to spread the word but the box the bloggers got was not the box you got if you signed up for the sub box.  This caused some disgruntled customers as you can imagine.

The box is really cute and the little blue square is velvet!  Mine did not have B V on it like other boxes I saw reviewed.

First Look: 

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eye Shadow -   ($3)  These little shimmery eye shadow comes in a variety of colors.  I received the Penny color which is a coppery color.  I really like this shade on me so I was happy with it.  NYX is one of my favorite brands so I was thrilled to get something from the line.

Sexy Bath And Body Lavender & Chamomile Calming Body Wash -  ($4.50)  This is a very nice little tube but I am allergic to a combination of these two fragrances so I will be passing it along to a sister.  

 Ciate Mini Mani Polish in Tweed -   ($2)   This is a cute little polish and I love Ciate brand - the photo here does not do it justice however.  It is a gold color with shimmery aqua and navy.  I cannot wait to wear this holiday season!  

 Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream -  (~$2)  I just got this in a Conditioner from my Birchbox this month so I was happy to have something else from their line.  I love leave ins so can never have too many.  The packet is a nice size too so I will have enough for my thick, long hair.

Blanc Pearl Caviar Toner Skin Brightening and Anti-Wrinkle Effects -  This toner is expensive so it was fun to get a few samples of it in my box.  This is a Korean skin care product.  I have just recently become aware of the great skin care products from Korea.  I do not really know what the value of these would be; a couple of dollars I would guess.

The other boxes that went out included all of the above (excluding the Blanc Toner) with a perfume, lip gloss and hair tie.

While this box did not have the value I would normally like, it was a nice little box with lots of new products to try.  It reminds me of Birchbox but without the point system.  I am very interested to see what they do with next months box.  

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