Saturday, September 13, 2014

Worst Makeup Ever!

I have done so many posts about makeup I love and stuff that works great that I realized I have never told you some of my misses; makeup I would never buy again or is not worth the money.  I would also say that although these items are bad, I would not stop buying the whole brand.  Some of these are my favorite makeup brands; just these items did not make the cut!

NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer - when I bought this I had confused the company with NYX, which I love.  I gave this a few days though just to see if I liked it since the price is so good.  There is a reason it is so cheap - it is terrible.   This primer broke my skin out after using it for three days.   I tossed it.

Be A Bombshell Mascara - There was a huge stink over this mascara when it came out in Ipsy bags a few months ago.  This mascara has a terrible smell and gave some ladies eye irritations.  I tossed mine because why risk it when it comes to your eyes.  

Too Faced Lip Injection -    There is a lot of hype about this lip plumping gloss but I did not like it at all.  It actually made my lips hurt and I tossed it.  Making my lips swell up because it feels like it got stung by bees is not worth it to me.  

ELF Makeup Mist and Set - This setting spray did not work for me at all and I felt like I was misting water on my face because it made my makeup run when I used it.  TOSS

SO now that I have told you about the worst ones - let me tell you about my favorites of the same type of makeup! 

Maybelline Baby Skin - I love this one and use it as a primer.  This has won awards this year and it so inexpensive!  Love my Baby Skin!

Loreal Manga Mascara -  My favorite drugstore mascara is this one right now!  Makes my eyes pop and has good staying power.  It does tend to flake at the end of the day but for the price, it does the job.

Perfectly Posh Luv 2 B Chubby Glossy Lip Plumper -  I love this little lip plumping gloss.  It tastes so good too - bubble gum!  Perfectly Posh uses natural products too so it is safer to use.

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray - I love Urban Decay makeup and this is one my favorites from their line.  The stuff does work and is worth the price.  I usually pick up the smaller one at Sephora for $10 when I am out of it.  

What are some of your worst and best makeup buys?  What didn't you like about them? 

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