Monday, June 15, 2015

Ipsy June 2015

What's in
the box?

My glam bag from Ipsy arrived the other day - it is $10 a month and contains 5 makeup, skincare, and/or hair products.  I cancelled this bag but picked it back up after seeing the bag from last month - remember - once you see the bag of the month, you will get the next month's bag.

The theme this month is Swim into Beauty. 

The bag this month is waterproof and a pretty slate black color - the zipper is orange. 

NYC Liquid Eyeliner -  ($2.99 )  This is probably the item I like least in the bag.  I am not really fond of this brand.   I have had a lot of eyeliners in my box this month - so I will be passing this on to my sister who uses eyeliner every day. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer -  ($8 )  I do not think I have tried the photo finish one - I may have used too much the first time I tried the other type because it felt very slick.  I did a little research and Smashbox will send you a sample of this, just click here.  They will charge you a shipping fee so only add it if you are already buying from their online store. 

tre'Stique Mini Eye Shadow Crayon in Kona Coffee - ($10)  This is a cute little crayon - I love how the lid looks like a crayon too.  I like this color a lot and this may be my favorite product in the bag. 

J Cat Beauty Liptitude in Blow Your Mind -    ($5.99)   Now this is pink!  Blow Your Mind pink evidently! I do like the look of several of the other colors and for this price point, I can get a few of them. 

BioRepublic Sheet Mask Trio in Green Tea Detox, Aloe Rescue, and Cucumber Breeze -  ($15)  This is a good mix of masks but since I am a Perfectly Posh consultant - I have several face masks I love already.  I will probably pass these on to my mother who loves getting these.

My bag was worth about $40 this month - the masks and primer were half of that.   I am just meh about the contents but I love the bag.  I did like the color of eye shadow crayon I received but not the lip stain.

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