Friday, June 26, 2015

Loot Crate June 2015

What's in
the box?

I subscribe to Loot Crate for my daughter and this is her favorite box.  It is about $20 a month and contains a variety of items.  The theme for this month was Cyber.   Loot Crate started decorating the inside of their boxes several months ago - and this is the freakiest one ever! 

 In every box, there is a little magazine about all the goodies in the box.  Loot Crate does a great job of this.  They have articles in them too!  This one has an article interviewing Zachary Levi - a favorite actor of mine from Chuck.  He is also Flynn Ryder from Tangled, one of my faves!

Battlestar Galactica Cyclone Target Poster by Quantum Mechanix -   Target practice posters - we may not be using these with a real gun but I bet my son will love shooting his air soft guns at these.

Exclusive Nerd HQ 2015 stickers - How cool are these stickers???  I bet a few will be added to my daughter's laptop. I will try to snag the NERD one that is on here - and I found the cutest one like it of Zachary Levi!  Nerd HQ was created by Zachary too.

Future Replicant Corporate Logo Patch and the Loot Crate Button - 

Terminator Brain Chip -   This is a very heavy keychain - and it is really cool looking.  This brain chip belongs to a T-1000 cyborg. 

Glow in the Dark Pouch Bag -   Anyone who knows me, knows I love bags.  I do not know if I can get this away from my daughter but I will try. 

Terminator Genisys Endo Skull Replica by Chronicle Collectibles -  This skull really creeped me out - and it is only half the size of the normal one.


Prime T-shirt -  I am really happy Loot Crate has put so many t-shirts in their boxes lately.
My daughter loves getting these t-shirts.  This is Prime from Transformers in the Tron pose.

Borderland Zero Game Mat by Loot Crate labs -   I had to take a photo of this between gaming sessions - my kids love this and are using it as a mouse pad.  

Another fantastic Loot Crate month! These boxes just keep getting better and better.  My daughter does not want to give this up to try out any other boxes and I think she is right.  This is one of the best nerd boxes out there.  She loves everything in this box and I am hoping to acquire at least one item.


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