Thursday, January 1, 2015

What I am Lovin' Thursday!

Welcome to another installment of what I am lovin' Thursday!

MUK LUKS Wool Slipper Sox -   I am in love with these cute slipper sox!  Wantables first introduced me to them and I am hooked on them.  I love the brand too - gave them for gifts this year too.  

Chapstick Mixstix in Vanilla Candy Cane -   I love that this is two sided so I can pick the flavor or mix the two!  I will be looking for the other flavors in this too.  

Here are the other flavors I must find:

Mickey Mouse Pajamas - I was shopping at WalMart on New Year's Eve and found these cute pajamas that had a tag that said $14.  I got through checkout and they were $3.50! Super great surprise and great deal!  They are warm and toasty and super comfy!  I might go back to set some aside for Christmas presents next year.

Perfectly Posh Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme -   I love all of these hand cremes but my favorites are Sassyooma and It Girl.  A best seller of ours is Snarky.  

So that is it for what I am lovin' today!  ENJOY and Happy New Year!

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