Thursday, January 1, 2015

Loot Crate December Anniversary 2014

What's in 
the box?

My daughter gets the Loot Crate monthly as a gift from her birthday and she loves it!  It is her favorite sub box and I cannot get her to cancel it to try the others out there for gamers and geeks.  This one is $16 plus shipping so is about $20 a month.  Each month has themes and sometimes it includes a one of a kind t-shirt - the t-shirts are so cute and my daughter loves them all.  

First look:

Loot Crate puts a keepsake button in every box and since this month's was the Anniversary of Loot Crate- we got this great button.  It is actually a gold color but the photo does not do it justice.

Every Loot Crate also comes with a great book talking about the items and articles.  This month the article was about Stan Lee.  It also goes into detail about the MegaCrate - my daughter was really hoping to win that this month - it had an XBOX One and a Playstation 4 in it.

Ghostbusters Door Hanger -   It is hard to know the value on these but they are being resold on Ebay anywhere from $4-$9.  This is great and my daughter likes the Ghostbusters movies.  She will be putting this right on her bedroom door.  

Simpsons Wallet by Mighty Wallet -   This is another fantastic item!  My daughter loves the wallet and I had to get it back from her to do this review.  She had already put all her Christmas cash and cards in it. 

Captain America Air Freshener -   This is a fun item and I might be able to talk her into letting me put it in her dad's car.  

Dancing I am Groot Socks -  These may be my daughter's favorite item in the box next to the wallet!  We just watched this movie, Guardians of the Galaxy and she loves Groot!  

Tetris Sticker Set -   These are really fun and I cannot wait to play with these.

Batman Comic Book Endgame Issue 36 -   I know nothing about comic books but it is fun to get one that is exclusive and Batman is really popular.

Joker Batman Funko Pop Figurine -   My daughter collects Funko Pops so she loves getting them in her Loot Crate.  And it makes it better when it is an exclusive one you cannot find anywhere else. 

It was a great box this month for the Anniversary; full of fun items and collectibles.  We have noticed the boxes are a little better when they do not include a t-shirt.  But since  my daughter's wardrobe depends on those t-shirts, keep them coming Loot Crate.

(Update:  January's theme is Rewind and will include a t-shirt. )

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