Sunday, January 25, 2015

Loot Crate January 2015

What's in 
the box?

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box that is $13.99 a month but they charge a shipping fee so it ends up being close to $20 a month.  You can use the code SAVE3 to save $3 off your first months box.

I get this one for my daughter and it is her favorite. I have tried to get her to cancel it to try Nerdblock and 1up or one of the other nerd boxes but she refuses.  Loot Crate is perfect according to her.

This month's theme was Rewind and promised a Star Wars and Voltron item.   Loot crate does not always do t-shirts, but when they do, they are always exclusive.
They have also been decorating the inside of the box which is very fun!  This month it looked like an old Nintendo game system.

Voltron Blueprint T-Shirt -   This is super soft and my daughter loved it!  Most of their shirts have been black - I think we had a red one once.  But my daughter loves black t-shirts so this has been perfect for helping out her wardrobe! 

Comic Note Book - This is a cute little note book to create your own comics! How Fun!

Star Wars Comic Book -  This is a Loot Crate exclusive comic book.  Love the cover! 

 10-Doh Figurine -   My daughter did not notice at first that he was a little figurine.  How cute is he with his little laser gun from Nintendo.  We had one of these systems growing up and I remember playing Mario Bros on it for hours.  

Black Tie Geek Retro Skinny -   These look like little spaced invaders guys!  SO cute!

8-Bit glasses -   These reminded me of Max Headroom for some reason.  Super cute! and Retro!

We thought this was one of their best boxes ever!  Usually the value of the other items is not as high when there is a t-shirt in Loot Crate but we thought this was not the case this month!  Terrific t-shirt and all the other items were nice quality items!  A total win! Do you get Loot Crate?  What did you think?

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