Saturday, January 17, 2015

Birchbox Fresh Start Limited Edition Box

What's in 
the box?

Birchbox put out another limited edition box a few weeks ago and this one looked really good so I used my points (I had $20)  and a discount code to take it from $42 to $13.60.  There are a lot of codes to try if you have never used them before - try COMEBACK20, WELCOMEOFFER20,  TAKE20OFF or MOBILE20.  This limited edition box is called Fresh Start.  The box for it is really pretty and I will be able to reuse it as a gift box! 

There was a nice little card in the box describing each of the items: 

Yarok Feed Your Ends - (travel size - 2 oz $10)  This is a leave in conditioner to protect against heat damage and keep your hair healthy.  I love leave in conditioners with my long hair so a great item for me! 

Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-use Blush -   (travel size - $22.50 )  This is really pretty and I love this type of applicator for on the go blush use.   You can use on lips, eyes and cheeks.  

Fig + Yarrow Healing Salve -   (travel size - $6)  this is a cute little all purpose healing salve - just right for your purse.  I think I prefer this to the big tub they sell in the Birchbox shop.  

Ilia Lip Gloss in The Butterfly & I  -   ($24)  I love getting lip glosses in my boxes and so this is perfect.  Very pretty shade too! A big plus that it is made of shea butter and coconut oil.  I might have to pick up the other shades.   Love Buzz looks really fun!

Juice Beauty Gree Apple Age Defy Hand Creme -   ($12)  This has been a really popular brand lately to put in subscription boxes.  I have not gotten the hand creme yet so it is a win for me.  Very nice stuff! 

KOR Aura Water Bottle -  ($9.95)  Love this cute pink water bottle!  Will be going right to work with me so I have it every day.

 Mullein & Sparrow Pink Bath Salts -   (travel size $6)  This is the thing I am least excited about in the box - since I sell Perfectly Posh, I know what good bath salts are and these are not it.  I am not a fan.  These are way too flowery for me. 

Bombas Ankle socks -   ($9)  These are the main reason I got this box.  Love these ankle socks and they are usually out of stock in the store.  Bombas also donates one pair to charity for every pair sold - love that!!!  More companies should do that! Love everything about these socks - the color, the feel, and they last!   

The value of this box is about $100 and I paid just under $14.  I love Birchbox points!  Save them up and get something special like this, Ladies!  It is so worth it.  I will use almost everything in this box too.  The bath salts were the only miss here.  Fantastic curated box!

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