Friday, January 2, 2015

I Won A Giveaway!


I entered a giveaway on Instagram and Youtube several weeks ago, never thinking I would win of course! Sophia and Rachel are these lovely girls who do Youtube videos about beauty and other fun stuff!  Go check them out here.  The box arrived in the mail and it was so fun to open it!  There was a cute little Thank You card on top!  

They had wrapped all of the goodies!  It was like Christmas again!  Super cute wrapping paper in Santa and snowmen.  

Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple body lotion - I really like this scent.  The little polar bear on the bottle is adorable.  I think I will take this to work with me to have on my desk! 

Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel body lotion-  This is my favorite scent - it is wonderful!  This is staying in the bathroom for after showers!  Perfect!  

Harney & Sons Fine Teas in Decaf Hot Chocolate -   I like tea when it is in flavors like this!  Love that they included this in the box.  

Let It Snow Shea-Infused Lounge Socks -  These are so soft and I am sure they will make my feet softer with all that Shea stuff!  And I adore penguins so these were perfect for me! 

Mini Candles in assorted scents -   There are four of these cute little candles: Mahogany Teakwood, Vanilla Snowflake, Winter, and Champagne Toast!  My favorites are the Vanilla Snowflake and Champagne Toast - they smell wonderful.  I cannot wait to light them on my night stand while I am drinking my tea and wearing my socks!

Love & Beauty by Forever 21 in Berry -   It is really like these girls knew me and made this box just for me - there is a lipstick in it!  Lip products are my favorite makeup product!  I have not tried this one yet either so that is an added bonus! 

This box was so thoughtfully put together - candles, body lotion, lipstick, fuzzy socks, and tea!  If there was a subscription box with those 5 things in it every month, I would jump at signing up for it!  Loved it!  Thanks so much Beauty.Fashion.Sophia.Rachel~


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