Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Perfectly Posh New Spring Summer Catalog!

What's in
the catalog?

Perfectly Posh's new catalog is out now and I am in love with all the new products! I do sell this brand and this post does contain affiliate links.  Our products are natural and most are Vegan.  We do use three by-products from animals:  beeswax, milk, and honey.  We do not test on animals.  We are made in the USA.  Our products do not contain parabens, paraffins, sulfates, lanolin, or fillers.  I also love that all of our products are $25 and under.

Snarky is a scent that our creator developed - it is fresh smelling and wonderful.  You can get it in the hand creme, Snarky exfoliating bar, and Skindelicious lotion.

The Daily Grind body scrub is one of our biggest sellers.  It aids in the prevention of cellulite and cleans the skin.  It now comes in an exfoliating Daily Grind Coffee scrub snarky bar.  

Hey Honey is a healing hand creme that smells of lemon and so delicious!  It is my favorite hand creme.  And now it comes in a healing body creme!  It is a nice sized tube too! 

We Put De Lime in De Coconut is an invigorating body scrub that smells of lime and is used to exfoliate and scrub with an exotic island twist.  Viva Senorita is one of our new chunk bars and it too smells of lime and sea salt. 

 I think I am most excited to try our Zone Treatment Face Mask Kit.  This has 3 separate mask treatments to target your combination skin:  a Charcoal Pore cleaning mask, a Plankton & Menthol calming mask, and an Oil Reducing & Control mask.  It comes with a brush for application to just the area you need that mask on.  What a great idea!  We also have a new perfume roller with the It Girl scent.  I am in love with this scent - it is grapefruit and apricot and smells wonderful! And at this price - $14 - it is probably the cheapest perfume I have ever bought since I was a teen!  Lash Pop! Lash Growing Serum is a product to help lash growth in 2-4 weeks!  I know a lot of women who have lash issues and want fuller lashes!  Now you can get this serum to help with lash growth!  


Apricot Overnight is a moisturizing mask you wear all night.  I'm Shrinking is a pore reducing mask to use on those trouble areas on your face.  And finally, Pore-fect is a face washing bar for pore cleansing.  

We also have some new products for the feet.  Heebie Jeebie foot peel kit is a one time use foot mask that includes a peeling gel, protective pink booties, and polka dot socks.  Walk on the Beach sand scrub is for the getting those feet ready for the beach.  

 We have three new Skindelicious lotions - Snarky Butter, which I have already talked about.  Castaway Coconut is new and really smells like Coconut!  We consultants have been asking for this for awhile - our other products with coconut in the title have not smelled like coconut and were misleading.  Farmer's Market is a body lotion that smells of watermelon and cucumber. 

Seas the Day chunk bar is another new chunk bar that smells of cherry margarita and has shea butter in it.  We added another item to the It's a Posh Life line - a Lemon Berry Lip Butter.  And finally, they brought back a huge best seller - A Peel To Me Snarky Bar!  This is an exfoliating body bar that smells of oranges!  I use it on my feet to keep them from getting cracked.

Those are the new products for our Spring and Summer catalog!  I am so crazy about all the Posh products and am so happy I joined Posh last summer.  It has been so fun trying the new products and showing my family and friends this amazing company. 

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