Saturday, February 21, 2015

Julep Cupid Mystery Bag!

What's in
the box?

I found out about this great Cupid Mystery bag Clutch deal and was excited to get it!   I have not bought any nail polish in awhile but really love the Julep nail polishes.   This special deal was $25 with free shipping. 

First look: love these colors!  They remind me of Valentine's Day!

Clutch -   ($)  I love this little clutch.  It will be perfect for night's out.  

Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Plum -  ($10) These are really smooth gel liners and this is a really dark purple.  

Lip Gloss in Splendid - ($10) I really like this lip gloss and the shade is just right for me.  I am a lip product person so this was perfect to get in my mystery bag. 

Julep nail polish in Rochelle (It Girl) - ($14/$10)  This color is so pretty and may be my favorite one in the box.  It is very shimmery.  I love shades of burgundy so this will be going right on my toes.

 Julep nail polish in Margit (It Girl) - ($14)  This is another shade I would wear so that is a big plus!  I like neutral tones.   I would have picked this out for myself. 

Julep nail polish in Yuki (Classic with a Twist) - ($14/$11.20)  This is a glittery top coat.  So pretty! Not sure what under coat color I would choose but this is fun.  I could not find it on their website anymore so it might be discontinued. 

Julep nail polish in Joanne (Boho Glam) - ($14)  This is another dark shade I would have bought for myself.  It is a more fall and winter color too.  

Julep nail polish in Valentina (Bombshell) - ($14/$11.20)  This must be sold out on the site right now - I could not find it to link it.  It is a glittery top coat.  I think it would look pretty with a pink under color. 

Very happy I grabbed this cute little bag mystery item from Julep.  This had a value of $84 and was perfect.  I love the colors in this and the extra makeup items were nice. 

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