Sunday, February 8, 2015

Best of Quarterly Warehouse Sale!

Best of Quarterly:

Glamour Box by Coco

Quarterly is a different type of subscription box.  They ship four times a year and are between $50-$100.  They have a famous person curate their boxes and you pick one of their people to get boxes from.  

I luckily found out about this sale the day it opened and was able to purchase the Glamour Box from Coco.  The box was originally $50 but I got it for $25 plus shipping.  The box included a nice little letter from Coco describing each of the items she added to her box and the reason she chose it.  

Shany Pink Train Case -  ($34)  This item made up for the price of the whole box - these are regularly $40 but are on sale right now.  I think I am going to split up my makeup by low and high end makeup and put the smaller collection in this one.  I stuck my new TheBalm cosmetics in this one to show you the size of the compartments.  

Kisses Print by Coco - I could not get a value for this as it is exclusive by Coco.  Coco told a nice story of getting a print like this from her Peepshow cast and framing it.  So she took her favorite lip colors and did this print for us.   She recommended framing it and hanging it for your bathroom or vanity area.  The colors in it are very pretty!  

Coco necklace -   I could not find this online so I do not know the value but I think it is super cute.  It is long enough for me too which is always a problem with some of these necklaces in subscription boxes. 

 Frost Cosmetics in Barbie Pink - ($10.99)   Coco included two lip glosses cause one is never enough.  I love lip glosses - you could put a lip gloss in every box I get and I would be thrilled!  While I was researching for prices, I found out Frost also does a beauty subscription box and it is $22.  It will contain 9 Frost cosmetic products.  Join here.   I might just subscribe to this one next but I need to down size before I can join this and I have so many I am in love with right now!  This is so shiny and metallic looking I do not think I will ever wear it.  It reminds me of Barbies though!  

Frost Cosmetics in Nude Pink -   ($10.99)  This is my favorite color of the two.  It is a very pretty shade.  Coco says in the letter that this is her usual lip gloss.  This is not quite as shiny as the Barbie pink but might need to be blotted a little to be wearable. 

 This box had a total value of $54.88 and was totally worth the $30~ I paid to have it shipped to me.  This box sold out very soon after going on the sale list.  Loved this one from Coco!  They switch up designers pretty regularly so I think this was box #2 for her.   I would also recommend Nina Garcia's boxes but they are a little pricier at $100 a box.

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