Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kawaii Box December 2014


Kawaii is a fun subscription box that ships for just under $20 and is full of super cute items.  This is the cutest box out there!  I love getting this box in the mail - it has between 10-12 items in it every month.  This box ships from Singapore.   There is a store called Blippo you can buy more of the cuteness you find in this box.  Sometimes you can find the item in the store and others you cannot.  Probably has to do with discontinued items. 

Nice little Christmas card was right on top for us:

First Look:
eeek CUTE!!!!

Nuo Ying Stickers - These are nail art stickers and they are super shiny.  Love the color. 
This is another item I will pass along to a friend who would actually use them.

Hello Kitty Scissors - I love all things Hello Kitty and this will go right on my desk!  LOVE!

Crown Headband -  This reminds me of those jelly shoes that were popular when I was a little girl.  Not sure if any little girl I know will like this but I will pass it on for dress up item.

Kabaya Panda Cookies - ($3.29)  These look so yummy and will be another stocking stuffer. I am glad I got these and not the green tea ones. 

Christmas Stationery Set - ($4.61)  I have the perfect little stocking that this needs to go in this year - she will love this.  

Heart Notebook - This is another item that is so ME!  I love little notebooks and add the cuteness factor and it's perfect!  

Christmas Card -  This is a cute little Christmas card that I will be giving to my Hubby - I want to start a tradition of getting him a card every year so this is perfect.

Doughnut Charm - There is always a cute charm in these boxes and I love this months!  A cute little doughnut! I could not find this exact one in the store but they have several other cute doughnuts!  One of my favorite things from this box!

Bunny Plush -   How adorable is this little bunny?  Another great stocking stuffer my daughter will love!  

Christmas Stickers - ($1.49) These are nice little puffy stickers and a great stocking stuffer.

Fuzzy Pouch - Eek!  I love this - not sure if I can part with it to go in a stocking - we will see.  I left a lot of the products in their bags because I might be giving them away.  Just not sure I can part with this one! 

Very pleased with this box this month!  Lots of items I can use for stocking stuffers for my little nieces and daughter.  I could not do a complete total since a lot of the items were not in the Blippo store but I know I got my $19 worth. 

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