Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Soap from Basin

Surprise Soap Bag

Basin is a store in Orlando that I found out about through another blogger.  Ramblings of a Suburban Mom mentioned that they had grab bags of soap for $10 and I thought that sounded like a great deal.  Shipping was $6.95 so it was a good that they were just $10.
These surprise bags regularly sell for $35 so get them while the price is so low!

It came in this cute plastic Basin Bag that I can re-use for other stuff.  These soaps are vegetable glycerin soaps.

Here is a look at the 6 soaps I received:

Mediterranean Mint Soap ($5.99)  this bar soap is mint and rosemary.  It has very pretty leaves in it.  I like this one very much.  

Wine Soap ($6.99) this is a very pretty fuchsia color and I love wine so this is a perfect soap for me. 

Tomato Juice Soup Soap ($5.99) according to the website, fresh tomatoes bring Vitamin C and antioxidants to your skin and fights off other scents.  

Blue Bell Soap ($5.99) According to the website, this is sweet melon, pear, and citron are entwined with praline and patchouli.  

Tahitian Vanilla soap ($6.59) I could not find this soap on the website.  They must have discontinued this one but it is one of my favorites from this bunch.

 Green Frog soap ($5.99)  this is my favorite of the soaps!  I love frogs!  This is a kiwi scented soap.  

This was a fantastic grab bag - I got all these soaps for $16.95 with shipping and retail was $42.93.  I was hoping for one of the Fall soaps but I just might have to place an order to get one of them. 

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