Friday, October 17, 2014

Kawaii October 2014


EEK! It's here!  My KawaiiBox is finally here and I am in love with the cuteness of this subscription! 

The first look: ahhh cuteness! The items can also be purchased at the Blippo site.

Kawaii Box ships for $18.90 and you can only sign up through PayPal.  It ships from Singapore.  The shipped e-mail came on October 8 and I got my box on the 17th.  So really not that long considering its overseas and has to go through customs.

Hello Kitty ink pen with desert decoration - ($2.90)  Hello Kitty is one of my favorites!  My car stuff is all Hello Kitty! I am so happy I got a pen in the box. 

Cat Pencil Sharpener - pink cat inside a pot - to sharpen my pencils and sit on my desk! I could not find this exact sharpener on the site but I am putting the value at $4 since that seems to be the consensus for items like it. 

Mini Towel with Sweets -   ($4.21)  Nice size washcloth!  Pink with lots of fun kawaii items on it.

Kawaii Pouch with Girl and Bunny -  ($4.61)  I love little bags like this - and this is perfect for my cuteness addiction!  

Cupcake Balloon Stickers - ($1.58)  I have been a big sticker collector since I was a little girl and I love these.  Cupcakes!  I would have bought this for myself! 

Furry Nemuneko Mini Plush-($4.61)  This is little guy is furry and fun!

Rilakkuma Squishy Desert charm -   ($3.42)  This may be my favorite thing in the box!  It is the cutest spongy bear ever and I am loving how cute it it.

Candy Hairbands - I could not find these exact one on the site but the popsicle and ice cream ones are on sale for 66 cents right now. 

Jewelry Seal Phone Stickers -  ($3.82)  These little pink and purple jewel stickers are for decorating your phone. 

Puccho Chewy Candy in pink grapefruit - ($3.55)  All the boxes come with a snack - this one is sweet so it is right up my alley!

Puppy card -  I could not find the card on the website but like items are about $1.65  - this is the perfect card for my daughter since we have a Corgi and this looks like our PJ.

I came up with a value of $35.01 for this box and the sub box is $18.90 without a shipping fee - great value!  I like the variety of products too!  I spotted several items in the store I need to put on my list too - which is probably their plan with doing a Kawaii sub box!  Very happy with this subscription box and cannot wait to see what is in next month's box!

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