Sunday, October 19, 2014

Birchbox October 2014


Birchbox is a monthy subscription box that is $10 a month, everything included in that price.  It is a variety box; so you will get makeup, hair products, and/or skin products.  

The best thing about Birchbox is the point system.  Review your products on their site to earn points; which turn into cash points to spend in their online store.  And that store has some great products!  Household items, makeup, skin and hair products, and so much more.  

This month during the selection period I chose the ModelCo lipstick.  It did not come in my box but Birchbox has the best customer service I have ever dealt with - seriously, they will make it right!  E-mail them and you will be happy about the results!  They are shipping my lipstick to me separately at no added cost.

Model Co Power Lash Mascara -  ($24)  This is probably the reason my Model Co lipstick did not get added to my box.  This is a full size and so this is more than double the value of my Birchbox.   Again, I have so many mascara's that it will be a long time before I have to buy one - I might buy some just because I want to try new brands.  

Calrisea Sea Salt Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliants - I have a tub of this I got in an Ipsy bag a few months ago. I will use it though so it won't go to waste. This is pretty rough so make sure you moisturize afterwards.

Essential Elements Shower Gel -   This is the product I liked least from this month's box.  I think this smells like medicine and I do not like it at all.  I like my shower gels and bath bars to smell yummy.   It says the scent is rosemary and mint.

Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum - I like that this has retinol in it for anti-aging.  When I was a teenager, my acne cream had retinol in it - I wonder if this has long term effects to help with wrinkles.  This says it also minimizes large pores - which I will definitely check out. 

LuMesh - this is another small lip gloss -  the full size is really cute.  And lip gloss is my favorite makeup product next to eye shadow palettes so I love to try out new ones.

I was happy with my Birchbox but it was not my favorite month.  I like the variety of the box and I did get two makeup products which is good for a Birchbox month.    I was really hoping to get the beauty blender with cleanser but maybe another month.  What did you get this month?

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