Monday, October 6, 2014

New to Subscriptions....

What type of box do you want?

If you are new to subscription boxes, start small.  Do not go blow $100 bucks on all of them.  Do your research and know what you would like to get and what your expectations are.  There are boxes everywhere for those who love makeup to those who love fitness to food boxes to boxes for your pets.

I have tried a lot of boxes:  Julep, Ipsy, Lootcrate, Birchbox, Wantable, Sample Society, Beauty Box 5, Citrus Lane, Bluum, Holiday Housewife, Glossybox, Lip Factory, Lip Monthly, Boxycharm, Bonjour Jolie, Walmart Beauty box and Fortune Cookie Soap box.

The ones I currently subscribe to: (don't tell my husband) two Ipsy bags, Birchbox, LootCrate, Sample Society, Kawaii Cute Box, Fortune Cookie Soap Box and Walmart Beauty box.   Those last two are quarterly boxes.  Wantable too but it's a great one because you can skip months for their three themed boxes.

 Ipsy is a good one to start with at $10 a month.  You can cancel at anytime.  Just remember when getting boxes at that price, they are mostly sample sizes.  A good way to think of it is getting small samples to see if you like something enough to pay the full price for it. 

 Birchbox is another good one for this and they have surprised me each month with brands I have never tried.  It is also $10 but has an awesome points system that lets you earn back that money to spend in their store by doing reviews for them of the items you get in your box.  

Blue Velveteen is a new box that just started this month that is also $10.  I have just signed up for this one but it looks like it will be a good one to get.  I loved the variety I saw in the first look of them.

Allure Sample Society box is in the next group up at $12 a box.  I found that they usually have one item that is very high in value with 4 others in the low value range.  It is a good way to try a variety of products though.  

Beauty Box 5 is also a $12 box and it has a very nice value.  The shades they send work well with everyone and there is always a variety of items.  I have found a lot of brands through them that I would not have looked at without the sample.

Splendies or Volupties is a woman's underwear subscription box.  It is $12 a month and you receive 3 pairs.   For the larger sizes, they have Volupties that is about $16 a month.  The underwear is all very nice quality.  I do think they could send less lacy ones.  But I love pretty underwear. 

And so many more.... For a more complete list, check out my favorite blogger's page here.

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