Friday, August 21, 2015

Webster's Pages Color Crush

Exploring WB Color Crush Sky Blue

Webster's Pages has put out a personal planner that is so fun and colorful!  I love the inserts that come with them as well.  These are sold by independent sellers - check out,, and Blitsy.  The ones with the kits usually sell for $34.95 but you can sometimes find them on sale.

 The planners come in this very pretty gift box:

 The little vellum Hello! is very pretty and it comes with these little tiny stickers.

I am really happy I went with the Sky Blue color.  It is very pretty and I love the color blue.

The dashboard for the Sky Blue one is "Life is Beautiful!" 

All of the Color Crush's come with different dashboards.  I really like the ones that came with mine but I might buy another packet of them.  I have a red planner too that needs some fun new dashboards.

 Inside the Sky Blue one, the rings are silver and the backdrop is white.  This is really pretty. I love the multi-pockets.

I set up the planner with a bunch of my goodies from Etsy shops and planner kits.  I love these macaroon stickers.  I am so happy I picked this blue one.  I have a mint green Marion Smith one on my wish list - waiting on the new A5's to come out.


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