Monday, August 24, 2015

Planner Stickers and Goodies Galore!

 Planner Goodies!

I have been using a Filofax planner for almost two years but it is just recently that I discovered the wonderful world of Planner girls!  There are sub kits, stickers, Washi tape, stamps, diecuts, charms, and pins.  

My new purchase this month was the Webster's Pages Color Crush Personal Planner in Sky Blue.
I was bummed that it was on sale a week after I bought it on Blitsy.

One of the very first subscription kits I found was The Planner Society Kit.  This July kit is $24.95 a month plus shipping. This kit came with paper, stickers, journal cards, Washi tape, a bow stamp, a bow punch, charms, pins, stickers, and cabochons.  This kit was so full I could not get the whole kit in the camera view.  I loved the colors and theme of this kit.

The other subscription kit for planner girls I found was the Happie Scrappie kit. I am signed up for the Foxidori planner kit - it has an Dori insert, Washi tape, pen, stickers, a charm, fox diecuts, dividers, and more. 

My very first Dori was ordered from the Etsy's shop Crafty Shop X 2.  This is a Sunshine Dori and they included two clips as a freebie.  I loved the pineapples. 

Once I saw these cute flamingo stickers, I knew this was another cute Etsy shop to peruse.  This is a newer shop called Pretty Stinkin Cute.  The colors were so pretty - I love the pastels.

Yellow Paper House sells a bunch of inserts for Dori's.  I purchased these two to go in my Sunshine Dori - I added a book review insert into one of them.

Okay - go order these pens from Little Surprise Shop.  They are fantastic! Nice weight and they write so nicely!  I liked all the goodies - the stickers are wonderful qualify and the colors are so vibrant.

Molly's Scrapbook Supply has a high variety of scrapbook and planner materials.  These diecuts and pins and cabochons are so fun!  I will really enjoy decorating my pocket letters, Listers and planners with these.

I have just recently started collecting stamps. I purchased these from Scarlet Lime, which is also the site where The Planner Society kits can be ordered.  I need to build up my chalk ink now.

I made my Washi ring out of a crochet circle from Walmart.  It does the job - I also got a smaller one and sorted out my red and pink Washi tape.

My cute little desk is coming along - I am still looking for some fun quotes to make a gallery wall. I am anxiously awaiting my Happie Scrappie August kit now and hoping to score a Planner Society kit for August.  I cannot wait for September when I am guaranteed a PSK and do not have to watch e-mails and react fast!

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