Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ipsy August Bag 2015

What's in 
the bag?

Ipsy came this month and I was surprised as I had cancelled this bag to continue with So Susan's Lip Love subscription.  I hope I got them cancelled correctly this time.  Ipsy is $10 a month and contains a makeup bag and 4-5 hair, makeup and skin care products. 

The theme this month was Prep School: 

I am actually loving this bag - it is a plastic finish though which is not my favorite but love the theme and design.

Brigeo Blossom & Bloom volumizing blow dry spray -    ($3 ~ - full size $18) I do not blow dry my hair but do use a lot of spritzer type sprays on my hair.  This one smells really good too - which is one of my musts about a spray in.  I hate spraying something in my hair that smells bad.  This is a cruelty-free product which I love about it.

Juara Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask - (full size $35)  This is definitely what I look for in a product - "Free of Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Gluten, Artificial Colorants and no Harsh Chemicals."  The price tag is a bit higher than I like to pay for a mask but I will definitely be trying this out.   with the Ipsy discount, I can get this for 20% off.

Skone Cosmetics Luxe Doubler Eye/Lip Pencil in Wine -     You do not understand how happy I was when I read this was an eyeliner and could be used as a lip pencil.  I have had enough eyeliners the last year in my sub boxes to fill one of these makeup bags!  Seriously!  It is like the stale product of the year!  ADD AN EYELINER! ugh!  I love the wine shade too! I could not link to this cosmetic online page though and that has me curious ???

Noyah Natural Lipstick in Desert Rose - (full size $18)  Okay this is the tiniest lipstick ever and I have received it before.  I love the shade here and the full size has beautiful packaging but I just cannot get over the smell - this is going on your lips so you will smell it.  It reminds me of the old cosmetics line smell. It does not smell bad just different. I do like that it is a natural lipstick and not full of whale blubber or toxic chemicals.  Sometimes the samples do smell different from the actual product - I wish they had some reviews online so I could see if anyone mentioned this smell.

Trust Fund in Elegantly Wasted -  ($15 )  I love the name of this shade! They gave us a very nice discount too - 35% off.   I am a sharer too so just comment below if you need a discount code to purchase any of these items. I need the collection in pink shade called Pink Kink! This sample was only a tad smaller than what you can get on the site too - love that! I hate when they send a ridiculously small sample and you cannot paint all your nails with it. The names of these polishes are so clever and fun!  I Wore It Better - Put A Ring On It - I Look Good Nude - to name a few!

This is actually one of the better bags I have received and I already cancelled - hate it when that happens.  I think I will be using everything in here which never happens for me in an Ipsy bag.  What did you get in your Ipsy?  Do you NEED a coupon code? Comment below!

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